Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Getting the news back to the homecountry.

So here we are on a RV site in Denver. Tomorrow we leave for England. It has been a fantastic holiday and to finish up I am going to put up a few photos of our best times. Apologies for no special pics for my sons, Paul and Jake. I did have one for you Paul but I bottled it cos someone was there. I may get another chance yet.

This is a pic of me filing my dispatches back to the homecountry

This second pic is for my daughter Kate. We took this one in Lyons just to show you it goes on all over.

This is us with Mark. I have to say for the record, I have never rode as well as I rode that friday afternoon. Wonder what my horses are gonna make of me when I get back.

This next picture was taken for my sons Henry and Josh. We were in Sedona, a sort of US version of Glastonbury, and I took the opportunity to record Sarah wearing the Argyle Tshirt commemorating the winning of the Division 3 play off final 1 - 0 against Darlington at Wembley in 1996.

This photo was taken by Sarah. There is an artistic side of Sarah that I don't know about- it's an amazing picture isn't it, and guess what I was thinking, 'huh, that'll never work'! It is a picture of the mud on a dried up river in Wickenberg.

A picture of Wickenberg - what a sweet little town. We liked it because it had a middle and a car park, kind of like English towns do.

These next two pictures are for my daughter Frances who has a cafe in Newquay, Cornwall. This is a kind of 'hippy' ish cafe we found in Wickenberg. As usual with us, once we have found somewhere we like we went every day for coffee while we were there.

This next cafe is in Taos. It was just lovely. Run by the sweetest people. Even smaller than your cafe F.

And here I am with Kelly - my SL partner for the last year. It was so good to meet her for real. I know I have already used a similar photo - it's the only one I have.

Here is a photo of us with Harry. I am so glad we got down to meet him - what a guy!

And to round off the show, the best photo I have taken on this entire tour - Sarah and Harry

The End


  1. I'm going to miss this journey blog. It's been great! No need to ask you if you had a good time or what you did when you get back, but I expect I'll think of something to talk to Sarah about...

  2. Against my better judgement I've enjoyed it too. Though I'm a little worried about the internet/text speak that is becoming part of your writing, I'm not loling at that I can tell you.

  3. Tom. Excellent series.

    What are you going to do now that you are returning to the dull world of your everyday existence? Won't it all seem so very, very bleak?

  4. I suppose that's the last we'll be hearing from you for the next couple of years, as per usual. Have a good Christmas (2007/2008) and happy birthdays as well.

  5. Really enjoyed hearing about your travels and the stuff you've been learning. Very inspiring.

    Looking forward to seeing you put it all in action at any 2008 clinics...

  6. Janey - It's been great fun writing it too. See you soon, or at least, see Sarah talking to you on the phone soon, no doubt.

    Josh - Josh, I struggled with LOL til I did, then i was away - truly, if I ever rofl (I mean actually rofl) though, you have my full permission to shoot me and claim your reward.

    Vicus - God I'm bored!

    Betty - Pile on the pressure now, why don't ya. OK just cos of this I'm gonna bore you all to death with regular accounts of my everyday humdrum existence. Trouble is I know you lot - to keep you reading I will have to lace the content with increasingly intricate details of my sexual exploits - oi, where did everyone just go?

    Glenatron - when I meet you are you going to say, 'hi, I'm Glenatron' or are you going to keep me guessing. It's quite fun not knowing who you are actually. We are going to start the clinics as soon as possible - have you seen the size of our new indoor work area - winter ain't gonna stop us anymore!

  7. I still can't believe you didn't venture a bit further west and north to visit me. We have horses here too you know!

  8. Tom, it's been great! Now you're back I suppose you'll vanish again so I'll only have Vicus to keep me amused, I might as well kill myself.

  9. ps I've now read everyone else's comments and I seem to have repeated them - sorry, also I'm going to see Mark next year at Hopton but I'll be too shy to say hello!

  10. Well on LJ "Breakfast" was taken so I had to go for option B, which has continued to my Google and Flickr accounts...

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