Friday, June 22, 2007

Blogs, SL, and now.....

So far six people have offered me friendship on Facebook. I actually accepted from four of them, cos actually at my age you gotta get friends where you can (no seriously cos they were my kids). But then this afternoon the Mrs says to me, 'you know that Facebook thing, says here in the paper it's just an online knocking shop'. Bollocks, if only I'd known earlier I would have accepted Tracey Dacosta and Phillipa Sponga as well.
I have to say I am struggling with Facebook though. As my good friend Vicus pointed out to me, it's really for young people. You can leave messages on people's walls and you can 'poke' people. My son-in-law poked me earlier this week. I have no idea why or what response was expected of me. I am sooooo struggling to find out what it is all about. I asked my daughter and she vainly tried to explain to me how and why she could happily spend two or three hours on Facebook and yet again I came away none the wiser.
So anyway, because I am an open minded (gullible) sort of a bloke I won't give up just yet. After all I once had a quite successful blog, and I still have a pretty successful Second Life. I actually own an island and a mainland plot. My SL avi has a fiancee and we run a potentially successful Skybox enterprise. So for sure, if I can survive in those thoroughly modern virtual environments surely I can fathom Facebook. Who bloody made that anyway and what a bloody stupid thing to call it. I guess Google will be buying it shortly for god knows how many billions.