Monday, October 08, 2007

Joining the ‘Mile High Club’

Can you believe it? Nine hours up there in the sky and I failed to fulfil the entry requirement yet again. Maybe next time eh!
We landed at Denver airport and cruised through customs, no problem. Ended up in our hotel room and collapsed into the huge bed, which was actually half as big again as our entire bedroom at home.
The one thing about this whole trip that was worrying me was picking up the RV and driving it out of Denver on the wrong side of the road. I know everyone in this country drives on the wrong side of the road, but that still didn’t stop me being a little anxious about the situation. I had carefully worked out my route out of Denver to avoid left turns too early on, but it all went hideously wrong when I missed what should have been the fairly straightforward first right turn. Holy Crap, I ended up driving through some dire industrial estate in a desperate attempt to get back on track With traffic flying by me in all directions, I finally managed a huge left turn to take me back towards the Inter-state highway. I kept breathing, and we were soon heading north towards Dave’s place.
* * *
Today we drove down to Boulder to pick up some supplies from the Walmart of the wholefood world, ‘The Wholefood Market’. My oh my, what a shop - it is vast! We were likes pigs in shit in that store. We were in there for nearly three hours, buying so much good stuff. It was awe inspiring just watching all these Americans streaming out with their trolley loads of organic groceries. Hats off to the Yanks for this one – I know it is globalisation etc etc but to see so many people appreciating good food has got to be good. Tonight for supper we ate huge bowlfuls of organic strawberries and yoghurt, and in our fridge we now have enough good food to not have to leave this site for a whole week.
* * *

This RV is really wide. On the way home from Boulder I took out three huge traffic cones on the passenger side. Got home and took a look and thankfully no damage done to the vehicle – really don’t need that kind of hassle if it can possibly be avoided. Tomorrow we are going to relax, and eat, and on Monday we are going to be riding horses.



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