Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Pebbles's baby

Pebbles miscarried at four and a half months. She is absolutely fine.

It was a little filly foal.

Isn't nature incredible.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Friends, moi!

Since I started blogging and SL I haven't watched telly and I haven't read the papers. I very occasionally listen to the radio in the car (which by the way I drive as little as possible to minimise my carbon footprint - yeah I know, I'm an annoying environmentalist geek) but that is often so dull I whack a CD on. I am pretty out of touch with the media but I am still alive and having fun.

What is interesting is the number of friends I have in my three different worlds. And do you know, it's pretty much the same in each. In RL I have my missus who is my no.1 buddy who I share my life with, and then maybe three or four other people who I know I can turn to if I need to, like say if I needed some real big favour, and then maybe I have another dozen people who I am always happy to see and stop and spend some time with, so that's about fifteen people in all.

In Blogland I have Vicus who I always visit because he is my old buddy and when he is on form no-one can touch him (not that you'd want to), and then I have links to 16 more blogs, which is really about all I can cope with. There are a few others like First Nations and Piggy and Tazzy who I do want to link to, so that will make 19 in all - there's just an infinite supply of good blogs isn't there.

In SL I have four very close friends, who when we are online, just meet and chat all the time about pretty much everything. Then I have a bunch of maybe another ten aquaintances that I am really happy to spend my time with too. So that is 14 in total.

So what I am getting to is that my ideal social circle seems to be round about the 15 mark. Any more than that and I just can't give the attention needed to make it work properly. But most of all, to all of you out there who think I am a miserable grumpy old git, look at all the friends I've got - how nice is that!

And I wrote a whole post without swearing once - just for you Pammy!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Cherrypie, I cant get to put a comment on your blog.

Oh Babe, you are the most wasted totty on earth. There's some fucking stupid man somewhere having all the same feelings as you are.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Helpful Twats

So don't try and tell me there is anything more important in this life than love. I had a blazing row on SL with this arrogant little shit who said I was a waste of space because I had no goals for my future. Little fucker, I nearly punched his lights out except I didn't know which keys to press.
And on top of all that the girl I was talking to flounced off too, saying it is a sin to not have goals. What the hell is that all about - is it some American thing or what!
Anyway, it got me thinking - that's what I do when I'm angry. And I do have a goal, and do you know what it is. I try to be a nice bloke NOW, and that is it.
And now I'm going to tell you what that little shit said that he is doing that is so great. He is planning to make something which will help mankind. And he is planning to make sure that when he dies he doesn't look back on his life and think it has been as insignificant as most people's lives that come on to the planet. And he wants people to know who he is and about the contribution he has made. Little twat - I haven't spat blood like that in years.
If you look at all the problems in this world they pretty much all come from twats like that. Quit trying to help me thank you very much, and if you must try and help me, then please, stop what you are doing with your crazy mind and start to feel that love in your heart. That my friend is the help this world needs.
Uuugghh - breath now.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Missing Photo - at last!

Sorry guys, but surely you didn't think those tiny bollocks were mine.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A day on Dartmoor with a horny beast

Pictures of the Horny Beast

'I've enjoyed my day on Darmoor with a horny beast', said the missus as we drove back from Widecombe Fair today.

'Me too Babe', I replied.

We didn't win a single rosette - the judge didn't like our sheep today. But anyway we had a good laugh with our farmer friends. And as promised, here is a photo of me - not the greatest I know, but hey I'm not vain, not very anyway.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sharing the build-up

I'll give you a clue guys.The main excitement is going to be a picture of me (sadly for the ladies, I will be fully clothed). The post will also include a full report with photos, of Widecombe Fair, our local village show. We will be there tomorrow showing some of our sheep.

Just so that you can share in the tension of the build up to the event, I will briefly tell you now about the sheep classes we will be entering. The breed we keep are White face Dartmoor's - they are a local minority breed with approximately thirty flocks in the whole world, all in this part of Devon. We are entering the pair of ewe lambs class, the pair of 2 tooth ewes class (one year old), and the pair of old ewe class. Unfortunately I didn't enter the Ram class but I can tell you, and there will be photographic evidence to back this up, they are very very horny indeed!

So get ready everyone!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

I'm off for a couple of days

Just wanted to refresh my blog from that stale old post. Nothing to say but I will be back monday night with a hugely exciting post, I promise.
Thank you for reading my stuff.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Full on sex in Second Life!

On a 14" screen your avatar in SL is between two and four inches tall. You can design how he/she looks, how tall you want to be, how muscly, or how beautiful or ugly. You can select your own wardrobe, and if you like you can go out and buy designer clothes for yourself. You can also choose to be a non-human if you prefer.

As you can see by the photo I still live in the woods. I spend a lot of time here but quite a few people pass by so I have a reasonably busy social life. My main friend is still Wolf who hangs out here quite a bit too. Surprise surprise, it's not that much different to Real Life really - there are a whole bunch of people who are basically hanging out for relationships and sex. So I realised this quite early on (I'm perceptive me) and, being a bit of a 'Holy Jo', actually thought about pulling the plug on the whole thing. But I've hung in there and actually met some really cool people.

Anyway, as time has gone by I've worked out how this sex thing works - it is actually unbelievable, but the longer you hang out here it just kind of becomes normal. Scary huh! When you arrive in SL you have a one-dimensional skin and everyone can see that you are a newbie. After a while I went and bought a new skin because I could tell it was holding things up with the people I was meeting. While I was in the shop I clocked that you could also buy male genitalia. I got the very same with my new skin but not one that works. For extra money you can buy yourself, for want of a better word, a male member that actually works. They didn't tell everyone about that in The Observer article did they.

Even more bizarre, you get a control panel to drive it, and you can set it up to perform to your requirements. You can also set it up to be controlled by your partner.

So how does the actual mechanics of SL sex work - is anyone still reading this? Well, I went with one of my friends - by the way, she bought me this cowboy suit, it's cool isn't it - to a dance and I've managed to suss the whole thing out. In SL there are areas where you can find little coloured blobs, and if you activate them your avatar does what the blobs are programmed to do. So to dance with my friend I had to activate a blue blob and she activated a red blob, and then we were programmed to dance together. We moved from different dance to different dance - it was fun. So there you are - that's how it works. I'm presuming that in the same way that you can do different dances by clicking on different blobs, you can also, you know, do different things....

How strange is all that then, and it's all happening on a screen near you. Thank God I'm not some kind of weirdo who gets caught up in that kind of crap!
Love to all.