Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Diner

So we set off with Dave and Gina in their 6.7 litre Chevvy truck to eat out at the Diner. One thing I wanted to do on this trip is 'see America'. I don't mean the Grand Canyon or any of that stuff, I mean the culture, the people, the feeling of the place - stuff like that. For years I have held a real down on the yanks cos of things they have done round the place, but when I met my little avi friend Rosie, from Phoenix, I started to realise that yanks are people too - they breathe, they have hearts, they have the same emotions as us. Yes, they think a bit differently for sure, and what makes that happen, that's the bit of America that fascinates me.

We pull up at the diner and boy oh boy, there it is - full on or what! I immediatelly fall totally in love with all the waitress's. The one serving us is called Chichi and she chews gum all the time. When she finds out we are English she decides to treat us to Sarah's pretend birthday party. My oh my, what a gal! She calls together all the waitresses and announces to the entire restaurant, that we are from England and she wants to give us an evening to remember. She gets together half a dozen waitress's and one just utterly superb, great big black gay waiter, and somehow gets us all doing the twist in the aisle. This is the kind of stuff that I normally would die to avoid but somehow Chichi made it fun - she was one cool babe. Mind you, as Dave said, 'imagine living with that smile 24 hours a day'.

The gal below is Cora - she has to be seen to be believed. When I asked her to stand out there for the photo she said, 'you need the socks yeah'. I absolutely loved her.

The food, well, there was only one veggie option - a sort of cheesey toasted sandwich. I had fries with mine - just a small portion you understand, plus a malt milk shake with ice cream. I have now been here 10 days and have approximately doubled in weight.

We followed up the diner with a trip to a great country and western barn, with a really quite good live band. Gina and Dave did some cool dancing, and then Dave took Sarah on the dancefloor and taught her a dance too - now just how did he do that, in a million years she wouldn't dance with me, cos basically she just says, ' No way, you dance like your Dad'. My thanks to Gina for not insisting I dance with her too.

I was mesmerised by some of the dancers - boy, some of those moves were cool. I'm gonna make a study of this next time I come over here - do the best dancers pull the prettiest gals, it sure looked like that was the case to me. Bollocks, that's me out again!

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