Monday, August 28, 2006

Dancing like my Dad

Well guys, I'm back from the wedding and actually, I enjoyed it. I wore my shoes in the church and then changed into my sandals, handmade by the local man-hating woman's co-operative, for the reception.
The wedding went well and the bride looked beautiful. There was a superb Welsh choir singing in the ceremony and to be honest, for a second there, my naturally cynical approach to almost everything almost melted away. The reception was fun too. My youngest son, the best man, who is on the verge of stand-up, had everyone really going with his speech. In the evening there was a great covers band and with only a little help from minor stimulants I actually took to the dancefloor. Of course, I now dance like my Dad so it was important not to stay there too long. It was a five minute token gesture on my behalf, but had there been a little more Quo I would have definitely stayed a little longer - why oh why is everyone so snobby about the Quo - I love them.
So yesterday we played cricket in the garden all day long. Such good fun but boy, today I feel like I've been bale-carting for a week. I am knackered.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Bollocks to You...part two

Thank you all for commenting on my godforsaken blog. I am truly sorry I am such a grouchy old bastard.
This weekend I am off to my son's wedding. I am forbidden from wearing my birkenstocks but I have won the small concession of not having to wear a tie. As the years go by I am losing my edge - maybe that is why I am getting a bit grumpy. I just wanted to explain that underneath all the grumpyness is a really nice person - Vicus will vouch for that.
Anyway, got to go and do a load of jobs now for the missus. See you in a few days.
Love you all.
Mr Grumpy

Monday, August 21, 2006

Bollocks to you...

That was a high quality post so why aren't you commenting on it, you load of meanies. I'm getting more response from a bunch of cyber beings in SL than I'm getting from you lot. Do I care - of course I do - I'm gutted. Bare my soul, write my arse off, and what for exactly? Diddely shit!
Yes that's blogging. The highs and the lows, rolling with the punches, taking the good with the bad, yah yah yah...
love you all

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Second Life Update

Well, I've been here for about two weeks now and I am getting on fine. I live in the woods by a campfire with a friend of mine called Wolf. Wolf has the ability to appear in three forms - as a human, as a human shape but with wolf features, and as an actual wolf. Quite often when we are by the fire talking he sits around as a wolf - it's quite cool really.
I have two other friends (yes, I am about as popular there as I am here) called Sandi and Lochinvar. Sandi is an American girl and Loch is a Canadian bloke. They are both really nice and we have not too serious chats about how they are planning to make loads of L$s and set up houses and so on with their various ideas. I'm not going to bother with making money - I'm going to hang out for a rich woman and take it from there. I told Sandi and Loch that and they thought I was going to set up as a gigolo - imagine me doing that!
Actually, when I went in to SL I decided that I would allow myself to behave as badly as I wanted to, to make up for being such a goody in FL. But what I have found is that I am pretty much unable to be anyone other than myself, so here I am being all polite all over the place again, but in a slightly different environment. The thing that I am really enjoying the most is being able to not have any responsibilities - it's like being me before I had to house and feed my kids. I am free and I'm planning to stay that way. I don't think you can get women pregnant here so I should be ok on that one - don't get me wrong, I love my kids, but boy have I had to scrat around making a few bucks to keep them fed. Sleeping under the stars again is just great - I love it.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Bad Acid Trips - Part One

Between June 1968 and October 1971 I took 23 LSD trips. I kept a record of each one of them - in my pilots logbook. Sadly, I lost the book in the chaos of the time along with my grey felt hat, a superb long coat that belonged to my step-grandfather, and some great waistcoats that I have been pining for ever since.
Anyway this is the story of Trip no. 22.
I was in Istanbul with my girlfriend, Jan. We had made our way there overland and we had a vague plan to just keep going east and see what happened. I never felt that comfortable in Istanbul. It was the first time that we had come across a culture totally different to our own. As we went eastwards each country sort of prepared us a little more for what was coming next, but Istanbul was a big step up from Bulgaria (then a communist state with machine gun guards on the border posts - a rare thing in those days). We were staying on the roof of a hotel with a bunch of other hippies from here there and everywhere, and to be honest just going out on the street was quite an adventure. I remember Jan getting loads of hassle from blokes pinching her arse and stuff - basically hippy chics just drove some of those guys wild.
Anyway, we were up on the roof, it was dark and we still had to go out and get something to eat. All of sudden I started to feel really trippy. I was a bit scared because I had vowed never to touch acid again as it had been taking me a bit close to the edge. I kind of wondered whether maybe the dope I was smoking was a bit too strong but then I realised what had happened. As I'd made up my last smoke I'd literally licked out my dope tin and obviously in there were some crumbs from my last acid tab. Towards the end of 1971 some of the acid was lethally strong and that's what had got to me.
Before long I was flying. I was looking down across Istanbul and it was like a bloody firework display. And every now and then the chanting from the mosques would kick in which completely sent me off on one. I kind of acted tough in those days so when Jan said, 'let's go get something to eat', I just said 'OK', and off we went. I only got about 100 yards out of the hotel before I decided I couldn't handle it at all - it was like walking through one of those paintings where everybody is just weird. I went back upstairs and hid away in my sleeping bag for several hours until the acid subsided.
After the trip there is always (I'm sure it's not 'always',') a beautiful mellow period as your mind readjusts to normal mode and you kind of feel really clean inside. I remember watching the sunrise across the Bosphorous. Cool, I enjoyed most of being a hippy.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Real Life, Cyber Life, and Second Life.

So Pammy wants a new post, so here it is. Mark does too, but when Pammy asks, I do.
She started off pretending to be my stalker and we just got fond of each other. In real life we'd never get on - I'm a foul-mouthed dirty old hippy with no idea, and Pammy is a clean living religious girl. I think she likes my soft heart. I like her soft heart too, and her sharp wit, and of course, the way she looks over her glasses, and she is an uncontrollable flirt which I love.
In real life Pammy has a great husband and four beautiful kids. In real life I have a beautiful wife. We have one kid, Josh, who is now 23. I have four other kids by my first marriage, Fran, Jake, Kate, and Henry, and another kid from before that, Paul, who is 37. I have four grandchildren, Hope who is 8, Robin who is 5, and Freddie and Gabe who are 8 weeks and 5 weeks only.
Pammy is a writer and so am I. I also work as a horsetrainer.
So there you are, that's real life and cyber life. But have you heard about Second Life. It's where you can have a whole new persona. I signed up but unfortunately my present video card is not good enough to support the programme. I am looking into an upgrade. The great thing about Second Life is that say you were a fat ugly useless bastard (in your mind, not mine - I would never say that about someone, well, not to their face anyway) and you fancied having a life where you were a really attractive successful person, you can do it there. I am planning that my persona in Second Life is going to be completely free of all convention, free of morals, and free of all concepts and rules about life. I am going to just completely go for it and take this world for all I can get. In real life I do feel free, but my freedom is an inner freedom. In my external life I am fairly strict with the way I live. Pretty much my only rule is 'do unto others as you would have done unto you', which kind of limits things in some areas as I really try not to crap on other people in any way shape or form if I can avoid it.
So no robbing stuff, no shagging around, no telling lies, no crapping on other people to better my situation. But I've always wondered what it would be like to be a total hedonist, so if you end up in Second Life and come across me, just be on your guard. I'm going for it BIG TIME!