Saturday, March 25, 2006

Middle Class Blogland

Is there any other?
Blogland where we all try to be witty and cool. If I'm in the mood for it I can go along with it ok, but god when I'm not, it makes me angry.
Is there something inherently virtuous about being middle class. Reading fucking books and not watching reality TV. I hate the snobby bastards. Yes, I know I'm bitter - so fucking what!
On my Dad's side I come from a long line of clergy, and on my Mum's side I come from good farming stock so what went wrong I'll never know. I was fiercely left wing and anti royalist by the age of eleven and even now I struggle to remember that the fucking queen is human.
I think the final nail in the coffin for me was round about 1971 when I finally realised that 99% of the people weren't interested in love and peace and all they fucking wanted was a Mark 2 Cortina. I liked them myself and for a split second there I wondered if I perhaps should have made more effort to get my A levels.
The nearest I ever came to owning one was in 1976 when I almost swapped my Commer van for a Mark 3. The guy wisely backed out of the deal just as I was beginning to think that things were finally going my way. Those Commer vans were bad - the way they kind of went down the road with that big bulbous front sort of going from side to side, quite worrying above about 30mph. I can't tell you the overwhelming sense of relief I experienced when I finally got my Mark I Transit .

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Links to other sites

Can I apologise most unreservedly for the lack of links to other blogs from this site. I have so far failed miserably to work out how to do it. I will take this opportunity to say that there are several blogs out there that I do visit and enjoy, and would like to link to. Is there some good reason for there not being a button that says 'add link' that then brings a box up to type in the blog you want to link to. That wouldn't be so difficult to organise would it (or have I maybe overlooked it). What the fuck is all this html stuff that I'm supposed to edit - sorry but that's poor in this day and age isn't it!