Tuesday, October 02, 2007

USA here we come!

So on Thursday we are off to the States. I know I said I wouldn't leave the Moor unless it was important, and I offer no defence for my actions. We are flying in a big jet and then driving 1500 miles in a big V8 camper van. Oh my, my environmental karma is about to be ruined - all the years of hard work I have put in are going down the pan in one four week binge. And for what exactly!

Well, we are spending a week in Colorado with Mark Rashid, our favourite horse trainer, and then we are driving down to Arizona to spend another week with another trainer, Harry Whitney. It's a working holiday.

The thing is we are so far down this road now we want to see it through. For years I have worked with horses and after about the first three or four years, which were utter confusion and bedlam, the rest have seen a steady improvement in both my understanding and my work. But the last couple of years have been just way beyond anything we have ever done before. My wife Sarah and I are now doing work that frankly, we would not have dreamt possible in the past.

So this little holiday (the first in eight years by the way) is our little treat to ourselves, to do and watch what we love doing, working with horses.

I am going to try and keep a web diary right here, so if you like working with horses in a really cool way, stay plugged in to this site and I will fill you in with all the latest as it happens. If you don't like horses, well, don't despair, there is other stuff happening too. We are touring through some really fine scenery, and also we are meeting up with two of the people behind two of my Secondlife friends - yes, Sarah and I are going to meet my Secondlife fiancee and her husband in Real Life. Whahey!!!! Also I am meeting up with my friend Wolf from Second Life - he is a therian, kind of a wolf trapped in a human body.


  1. Good luck and bon voyage Tom!

  2. I met up with a lot of my imaginary friends in the summer. Wierd meeting people you've only ever imagined on the internet.

    Enjoy yourself.

  3. Meeting your Secondliife fiancee and someone who is a wolf trapped in a human body.

    I thought you said you hadn't taken acid for years now ...

  4. Betty, I got one word for you: flashbacks. Anyway, Tommy, I hope you have an excellent trip, very well-deserved, of course.If you and your wife are ever near Miami I'll invite you two to Casa Juancho for a few mojitos.

  5. (sob) You're not coming to Washington state?? (sob)

    Ok...I guess this means I'll have to make a road trip. Now...where will you be staying in Colorado? :grin:

    Have a wonderful journey!! Hugs to you and the wife.

  6. wow, how fantastic, lucky you two. I shall be reading with interest - I'm still at the confused state (horse [and life])wise but I'm definitely going to see Mark when he visits next year.

    Safe Journey.

  7. Lucky you off to see Mark! Good luck with Wolf too, I hope he gives you a good impression of therians, we're a good bunch really:)

  8. Thank you for reading and commenting. I'm going to try and keep the diary up to date - had internet issues for the last couple of days, but seem to be sorted right now.
    Pammy, soooo sorry you live soooo far away - but just as well gal, I don't need any more complications with beautiful ladies right now.
    Utlah, therians eh! - don't meet one for years then two come along both at once.
    Betty, that last tab was bloody strong - should be coming down soon though, surely.
    Carmy - not sure I can take in Florida, even to dance with you. I'm gonna regret that forever aren't I.
    Ziggi - just met my horse tonight - I'll be posting about him tomorrow.
    Dave - therians and SL fiancees, how can I even imagine what they're gonna be like.
    JaneyT - Sarah is well off one one over here - toooooo many horses everywhere.

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