Monday, November 05, 2007

Back to a Dartmoor Autumn

November sky on Dartmoor

I read a really good article about blogging this weekend taken from The New York Times. It was about these guys who have become famous through commenting on other peoples blogs. The theory is that no matter how good a writer you are, on your own blog you are probably writing for yourself and maybe two or three other people, whereas if you comment on a popular blog you get read by thousands.

There are so many good writers writing really good stuff on their blogs - I have a list of maybe a dozen or so recommendations on my blog and quite honestly they are pretty much all very readable, and easily as good as a lot of the stuff the columnists in the newspapers get away with. In the end it comes down to having the time to read it all - the times when my blog did best was when I was spending an hour or so a day reading all my blog friends blogs.

Oh shit, am I a blogger in crisis? It was easy when I was away because I was writing it for myself, but can I go on like that - does anyone really want to read about my aunts 53rd birthday party. I don't even want to write about it so I know you don't want to read it (apart from Vicus of course, who has always wanted to get across her).

Freddie in his Arizona waistcoat

Hang in there, tomorrow's post will include some exciting photos of our stallion with his apprentice, our ram with some of his ewes, and some pretty Dartmoor autumnal scenes.


  1. the boots look a bit big for him though

  2. Tommy, you're amazing and who wouldn't want to read everything you write??

    Glad you're home safe.

  3. Ziggi - there my new boots, not as flash as yours, I agree, but i love them.

    Pammy - God I still love you, after all this time. Good job I didn't come to that place, where is it, Seattle, that's it. I would have been so tempted to lure you into a life of SIN! I know you wouldn't have fallen, but oh the challenge!!!!

  4. We're just star crossed lovers darlin'.....

    Now I wait for vicus to show up and be mean to us. :)