Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Red Rock Overload

Every time I look out of the window I see red rocks. We still have to travel through over 200 miles more of this before we even get the Grand Canyon - is that going to be red too! I'm in red rock overload right now, and I can't wait to get to Wickenburg and set up camp next to the rodeo grounds. We have sussed out that there is pretty much non-stop horse action in Wickenburg and quite frankly, after my amazing time with Zuni, all I want to do is watch horse stuff.

Yesterday we travelled on down the I 70 and stopped for coffee in a small town called Pallisades. We have really got into our small town morning coffee breaks - just sit and soak in the vibe man! I have to say it is hard to find anything interesting to say about Pallisades - it was absolutely plain as could be. Nothing happening, big wide streets with no traffic, about ten shops and a bank. Absolutely loved the place.

Then we pressed on to Murdoch's, that's a store, not a town. I may have mentioned it before - it is like a huge version of Mole Valley Farmers, and I needed to do my shopping. The tack section is fantastic and truly we could have gone on a spending riot. I have just clocked Carhartt clothing - didn't buy any yet cos in US terms it's expensive - it's really top quality work gear that looks like it will last forever.

We were quite a bit cash poorer as we left Murdoch's and headed off towards Utah. Suddenly the landscape changes and there are very few people and places about. The first place in Utah we saw was a little settlement called Cisco, advertised from the road as having no facilities. Actually I would have taken a photo of Cisco except I didn't realise we had driven through it. It was basically a couple of falling down houses, some old trailers and a pile of scrap cars. Just a little on the threatening side really - if you happen to live there and are reading this drop me an email - I'd love to hear from you.

Onward, onward, onward, through seemingly endless 'unbelievable' red rock scenery - I'm sorry! it is awsome, but in the last three days I have seen more awesome scenery than I can even begin to tell you about . I'm kinda awsomed out right now.


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