Monday, October 22, 2007

Some technical difficulties

Hi Everyone (Vicus and Janey), No broadband here so posts may be sporadic this week. I will write them as I go. Been to two rodeos, met my cyber fiancee, and am now at Harry's. So much to tell - just need time and a connection.
Watched Harry work all day today with six horses and their owners. Interesting to watch his round pen work, especially after being involved with the Monty stuff a few years ago. Also because we are pretty specific about the purposes of our groundwork these days it is quite thought provoking to watch 'hooking on' and so on, not having done it for years ourselves.
Meeting Rosie was mind blowing, sweet lady - we are going to a halloween party with her and Brian, her husband, at the weekend.
As for the rodeos, I have loads of photos and am planning an englishman's guide to the 'greatest sport in the world' (their words not mine).


  1. hi Tom, glad you're out having adventures!! :-)

  2. Hi Dad, Somehow I've got an account with this thing. Not sure how. Loving the blog and can't wait to hear about you meeting with your cyber-fiancee in more depth. As for a gift, just get me one of those Homeland Security t-shirts you had on (small) and Emma can have the mug.

  3. Another sponger heard from.
    While you are in Arizona you might care to visit my disrespectful nephews and slap them upside the head.
    "Upside the head" is a phrase I picked up from watching American TV shows, in particular "Everybody Hates Chris". I quite like it, along with "I'll smack the black out of you". It is up there with "I'll knock you into the middle of next week" from my childhood.

  4. Very interesting to hear more about how Harry works- he's someone I know of only by name.