Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The life of a yogi

I am surrounded by women.
The horse world is predominently female, at least the leisure horse world, which is where I mainly hang out. There are a few of us blokes, maybe making up about 10% of the total.
I spent yesterday in my digger digging a trench so that we can install the much needed electric supply to our tack room (for the kettle ok!). Every time I turned the digger off, and I am talking all day here, I could here the sound of female talk and laughter coming from the house (up to 50 yards away). That's all they did all day, and then when it cooled down a bit, they got their horses out and went for a ride.
Dont you just love them!


  1. Ugh, I hate being around women who yabber all day. Is there something wrong with me? Should I have a sex change?

  2. Well tom
    you could always go on one of those men's groups we were discussing - you know, a session in a sweat lodge in the forest and then skin a deer. Bit of male bonding? Gimme birds any day! You know you agree .......

  3. ha ha ha ha you've got your very own digger? You lucky thing you!

  4. Tom, really I couldn't imagine you in better company. I wish I could be all day surrounded by guys talking about manly things. They're so cute.

    PS.- i hope you finished that trench. The ladies will surely love a cup of tea!

  5. Look, we were talking about very important things ok?! It may have sounded like idle chit chat, but believe me, it was much more taxing than just digging a hole. Any ape can do that.

  6. Well that's hitting the nail on the head Kate!

  7. OK, I admit it - what I was doing was a complete waste of time - I mean, why do we need an electricity supply in our tack room!
    And here is the challenge, especially to Kate - You have to dig a hole with my digger. I will be filming it to put on youtube.

  8. And I will film you getting said digger out of the hole...

    If you were a real man you would create natural electricity in that tack room anyway. By burning nettles or something...

  9. I'd like to have a go on your digger . . .

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    that sounds sooo suggestive doesn't it!!

    To rephrase, I'd like to try digging a hole with your mechanical digger, I love man toys!
    Electricity in your tack room would be good too, the only thing I thought was lacking in your set up was constant tea to go with the sympathy!