Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Politically, I am now officially to the right of Ghengis Khan.

Yes, after nearly sixty years I have finally completed the transition from a left wing pinko to a hard line fascist. I am now slightly to the right of Ghengis Khan which puts me just to the left of Margaret Thatcher.
So what has brought about this gradual transition? Well, I think the main thing is I can't cope with 'reasonableness' any more. It just causes so many problems. It's all very well to be reasonable but there are too many repercussions. It all just comes at too high a price.
I think we have contaminated the conciousness of our population. We have created an environment where people can't think for themselves, or look after themselves. It has happened unknowingly, just because it is quite reasonable to look after one another - after all, isn't that what civilisation is about.
From birth to death we instill fear into the people, to the point where they are scared to live. We are ending up with a population of people with no guts and built in parasitic tendencies. Aaaaaaaaagh I can't stand it any more!
I started out with the intention of writing a serious post about my views on how to bring up kids, but anyway, hope you get the drift.


  1. Ghengis Khan was pretty handy with a horse too. Now you just have to conquer the known world I guess.

  2. Go on, punk. Make my day.

  3. a tiny voice in your head will soon be whispering..
    Kill them all, let God sort them out!

  4. Sterilize them all I say. But make sure you risk assess it first...

  5. Oh my, what an awkward place to sit. Between Ghengis Khan and Margareth Thatcher.
    Take care. They're contagious.

  6. Anonymous27/6/09 08:12

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  7. Hangin's too good faw 'em, mate. I 'ad that Littlejohn in my cab the other couldn't make it up.

  8. If you're standing at the next election you get my vote, I'm not giving it to any of the other tossers