Sunday, May 24, 2009

Early one morning

When I started this blog I had something to say. I had some attitude, and I was happy that I had found a place to express myself.
Maybe it was because for years I had no where to write.
As time has gone by, I feel more free from the 'attitude'. Only occasionally do I feel angry and compelled to swear about some stupid thing man is getting up to somewhere on the planet.
I think, perhaps with age, I am more accepting of the human condition, and the strange situation we exist in.


  1. You're getting quite philosophical lately. Or maybe conformist? ((Excuse me for eing so impertinent))

    Seriously, are you suffering from that scenic fear that makes you compare your present posts to he old ones? Bloogs evolve, Tom. And it's not that bad.

    Hey, don't despair now. There are a zillion subjects to write about. 'The truth is out there' (said special agent Mulderin the X-files) ;)

    It just takes a bit of time and energy.

    Keep the blogging alive.

  2. Anonymous25/5/09 16:19

    Friendship, this is as the Holy Virgin. If she does not appear any time in time, the doubt installs itself.


  3. I suspect that this is largely because you've been in the same house for a while so you've had no cause to deal with BT. That would quickly fill you with rage and hate once again.

  4. So what happened Late one Night?

  5. you'll feel different when you sober up

  6. I did get a slight flicker of emotion when someone told me a tory MP had claimed for his £5 donation to poppy day.

  7. Not I, said the cat. I fell off a while ago, but I find that I can never find enough swear words to convey my disdain with the world today.

    Miss you!!