Monday, December 01, 2008

Will the credit crunch affect my pension plan - will it Bollocks!

OK, desperate times need desperate measures. I have to rebuild my readership. So I think we'll take a little break from matters equine for the time being, and focus on subjects that are more common to most ordinary people.

So, here is a brief list of my worldly interests for me to choose from.

Books - no, I don't do books - used to, but got bored with them.

Music - no, not really, although I do listen to the odd CD in the car

TV - no not really, although I do enjoy HIGNFY and the odd comedy.

Fashion - don't get me started - I just don't get it!

Gardening - yes, I am a fanatical organic gardener, but it doesn't make for exciting blog posts. Although take a look at these veg I harvested today. No man made chemicals are used in my garden - better for us, better for wildlife and better for the planet.

The internet - yes I admit it - I spend far too long in cyberspace, mainly playing a boardgame I am addicted to. I was heavily into Second Life until I realised I was the only normal person in there - actually I did meet one other nearly normal person in there and we are still very good friends.

DIY - Fuck Off!

Motoring - Oh yes, so many happy hours out there in the garage restoring my old V8 etc etc...

My family - jeez, what a bunch! No seriously, I love them but I am a bit of a crap family man - I make very little effort but thankfully they are mostly ok with that.

My life - Yep, really interested in that, mainly focus on trying to enjoy it, or to be more truthful, I focus on it not turning into a pile of shit. I know that's not totally in my control but I try to do what I can.

My pension - I do have a pension plan. If I run out of cash I'm off round to my mate Vicus's house - he'll feed me, or at least his Mrs will.

My blog - eeeeeeeeeeeeek dunno what to do with that!

My horses - noooooo, this isn't about them.

Women - I absolutely love them, but I am married, so other women right now, no can do!

So there you have it - most of my life in one blog post. Wanna trade it, or any parts of it? What have you got to offer? I'm always open to doing a deal!


  1. Damn. I came here for a horse post.

  2. I could have summed your life up in a much less verbose manner.

  3. Yes, DIY can fuck off. I know someone who constantly decorates their house, finishing one room then on to the next. What kind of warped satisfaction does he get out of it?

  4. All of the above!
    Just place your interests in rotation and and keep them all simmering.

    Even Do-It-Yourself crap.

  5. (Tom, pls listen to what Donn said. I think he's quite right)

    It's 22.00h in the South Sandwich Islands (the time when I usually start fantasicing and creating, so I've just put my thinking cap on.

    Just in case writing fantastic wild tales is not your thing, let me suggest something more for the list of subjects to write about:

    -Trips. I didn't mean 'those' trips, but they could be interesting too.
    -Funny things you did in the 60s as a hippy.
    -Some bits of your virtual life. It seems you have one. I bet you have funny stories to tell :)

    I hope this helps. ;)

    Oh, btw, you forgot about SEX (you may have included that in the list of interests, under the category 'WOMEN', but just in case).

  6. You sound absolutely normal.
    Perhaps a little birding might be good - it does it for me.

  7. btw, have you ever run across saddle chariot out here?

    pun intended

  8. MJ - hang in there, you'll get back into the ordinary stuff in a bit! Actually I bet you'd love wearing a bit....ugh, I can't believe I said that - it wouldn't have crossed my mind except it was you....

    Vicus - so could I, but isn't the purpose of a blog to write stuff?

    Geoff - my Mrs is always on at me to change something around the house - I just tell her to do it herself - that makes her go away for a while.

    Donn - good tip, so the next post is about books!

    Leni - jeez I wish I had your imagination - it looks so easy now you have written it down. Ok, I'm away now, loads to write about, and btw, I've done two posts about sex in the three years I've been blogging - I know that's not as many as you, but I AM english!

    Donn - I have met saddle chariot and looked at his product. I actually really like it and want one. I have to buy one under a false name cos I was a little bit rude to him once.

  9. Send

    Seriously Tom, you got me on the organic food paths a couple of years ago. Thanks!

  10. What do you mean you're English???
    I had 2 English bfs and they did a lot more than just 2 sex posts in 3years!!! LOL

  11. what kind of meat do you have to go with the veg?

  12. Hey Tom, that wasn't rude, you want to see rude, look at the British Horse Establishment who have refused to let me show them a saddlechariot for 8 years.
    Just back from Genrmany showing the saddlechariot to Cavallo Magazine and they want one back for long term tests.
    Speak soon
    Mostly harmless.

  13. Tommy, you wonderful organic gardener you! I admire you for doing such things---I haven't had time or inclination for a garden in the past couple of years. Too busy with other things.

    Now...about those horses...

  14. Kindness - I hesitate to say, food as god intended, but it's true. Good food for all, I say, I love eating mmmmmmmmmm!

    Leni - yes Leni, I'm sure you did, but you know how uncomfortable we middle class english get about such things - you love it really!

    Ziggi - nut and lentil meat of course.

    Saddle chariot - Good luck with your enterprise - the cream rises to the top whatever, or so we hope!

    Pammy - I should have stuck to gardening - it's only cos my wife was into horses that I got sidetracked.

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