Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I've been listening to this band all week - it's been fun

So let me just describe the rules of Leni’s challenge, which I accepted. By the way, it took me hours but I loved doing it.

1. Post your picture.

2. Choose a favourite band/artist.

3. Answer the questions with titles of the songs of the favourite band/artist.

4. Choose 4 persons who you think might accept the challenge.

* * *

1. My picture - Me with my horse

2. Artist: The Rolling Stones are one of my favourite bands because when I was young they said what I wanted to hear. But as I've got older I listen to a lot more of this little band. I’ve chosen these nine songs – some for the titles and some for the content.

3. Questions:

a. Man or woman - Nowhere man

b. Describe yourself - The fool on the hill

c. What people think about you - The fool on the hill

d. Describe your last relationship - Yesterday

e. Describe the current status of your relationship - And I love her

f. Where would you like to be right now - Here, there and everywhere

g. What do you think about love - She’s (love) so heavy

h. What is your life like - The long and winding road

i. What would you ask for if you had a wish - Flying (freedom)

j. Write down a wise sentence - Tomorrow never knows

The 4 people of my choice whom I challenge - I have decided not to choose anyone, but please, if you would like to take up the challenge, then I choose you.

Love to all!


  1. tom909 said...
    Blogger is messing about, so I have had to copy and passte comments

    MJ said...
    Off topic: I have a question for your horse...

    Why the long face?


    *falls out of saddle*

    15/12/08 15:45
    Vicus Scurra said...
    I tried this using the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.
    What a crap game.

    15/12/08 15:49
    Ponita said...
    I think MJ needs a few lessons from you, if she falls out of the saddle at a dead stop....

    Not up to the challenge, but enjoyed reading/listening... just going to go visiting for a while, I think.

    Lovely horse, by the way... long face and all. ;-)

    15/12/08 19:25
    Donn Coppens said...
    Excellent posting Major Tom!
    I won't tell Michael Jackson that you have used titles from his Northern Songs catalogue..it will be our little secret.

    16/12/08 03:28
    Betty said...
    At the end of the day, the Beatles never let you down. Er, that should've read The Beatles "Don't Let Me Down". Ho ho.

    I may have a go at this myself, if it doesn't take too much time and effort.

    16/12/08 05:11

  2. I enjoyed this - especially h - I often find myself singing this one.
    Let's hope when Betty tries it she'll remember no1 - a picture.