Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy Xmas to all

If you are a christian, a muslim, a bhuddist, or belong to any religion, if you are an atheist, if you hate religion, if you have a guru, if you don't have a guru, if you are not interested in anything about this kind of stuff, if you are happy to let people have their beliefs as long as they don't bug other people, if you are not happy to let people have their beliefs, if you wish everyone would just fuck off and leave you alone, if you sincerly enjoy everything about Xmas, even the bloody Xmas songs, if you believe in God, even though you have only an imagined idea of what he is, if you believe in God because you think you definitely know what he is, or if you don't give a shit, if you wish the world was a better place, if you think the world is perfect, if you are depressed, elated, or hanging in there on the middle path, if you are young or old, if you have your whole life in front of you, or if you are near to death, if you are fat, thin, ugly, beautiful, hungry, full, sweet, sour, funny, serious, rich, poor, successful or an absolute loser, if you are black, white or coffee coloured, if you are gay, bi, or hetero, if you are happily married, happily single or if you are stuck in some degree of nightmare, if you are nice to be with, if you are a pain in the arse or if you just like taking it up the arse, or if you are something else completely different that is not on this list - Have a happy Xmas if you can, and if you can't, well, good luck in your life.

Life isn't always easy - an old guy I knew quite a few years ago used to say to me, 'let's send our goodwill and good wishes to all living beings'.

Love and peace.


  1. May I impose upon you to act for clarification? Is the christmas good wish conditional upon fulfilling all of those cases? Some of them seem to be in conflict with one another.
    Only some of them are true of me, (not sure which), and it would cause me some distress if I were to face the prospect of the upcoming festivities without your blessing.

  2. I'm experiencing mood swings just reading this.

    Will you be doling out medication to those who don't make it to the end of your post unscathed?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. As you know, I'm old, fat and ugly. I hope I'm included in the list. ;)

    Happy Christmas to you too.

  5. I fit in there somewhere.

    I am very angry at the moment but hoping a wave of calmness will engulf me sometime next week. Maybe Johnny Mathis can help.

  6. well that almost covers it Tom!
    Merry Xmas to you and yours!

  7. I am all things to all people, most of the time.

    Be at peace with your pipe this Christmas.

  8. I am fat, thin, ugly and beautiful and I wish you a very happy life.

  9. Happy christmas everyone from the depths of Ireland :) El.

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