Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day 2008

As I have mentioned before, I have strong connections with the church. My great grandfather was a vicar, and so was his half brother. My father studied to be a priest, but changed his mind. Pretty much all my relations on that side of my family are strong committed church goers - over the years many of them have moved between catholicism and C of E, and in some cases, back again. I was bought up catholic and never believed it for a minute. At my first opportunity, at ten years old when my Mum left and took us all with her, I quit.

I never missed religion - I don't like it.

It seems incredible to me that such organisations can be developed from the life of one person, and somehow create such bizarre logic about life, and make such wild promises about what happens after death. Christianity amazes me. I don't mind people being christians by the way - that's up to them - I'm fine with people believing whatever they want to believe. My father is a devout christian and I have utmost respect for him - he is a truly good person and he gets a huge amount of peace from his religion. I know there are countless millions more people the same way.

Myself, I'm not going to base my life on a possible reward or punishment when I die. To me it seems a bit more relevant to concentrate on what's happening while I am alive. My hunch is that when we die we just go back to where we came from and that's that. Our bodies are composted, our minds are just thoughts - what are thoughts anyway, they don't actually exist physically so I suspect they just go, a bit like a light bulb goes out when you turn the switch off - and our spirit, soul, life energy, or whatever you want to call it, just goes back into the pot from where it came.

I don't mind any of that - I'll be mighty surprised if it's any other way! Like my dear mother in law used to say to me, 'I'll come back and tell you if it's any different'.

Have a nice Xmas - hope you all get the presents you want, and here's hoping all the crazy people who go round causing shit, somehow get more sensible.

Love and Peace.

PS Btw, George believed in re-incarnation.


  1. Nice music, thanks Tom.
    You are wrong, by the way, I have just heard from Benjamin Franklin.
    I shall be coming back as a handsome, charismatic, athletic intellectual, having made such a bloody good job of it, this time.

  2. So you're coming back roughly the same as you are now, Vicus.
    Be great won't it - you can relive the whole thing, only this time don't make so many mistakes. Stay away from those bad people and from those drugs, get your career on the road real early, get your pension sorted, and then you can relax. Why, nowadays you can even take out a policy that pays for your funeral - it's all so easy!

  3. Merry Christmas Tommy dear. I am one of those devout Christians and I also believe that it's the here and now that counts and that living a good life is important. I believe in the afterlife---perhaps we'll meet there m'dear.

  4. Can I meet up as well, Pam? I promise not to interfere in matters between you and old Tom.
    If you are right, and if I, through some clerical error, get selected to go upstairs, there will be very few people I know there, so perhaps you will be able to check in on me every couple of weeks or so.

  5. One slight snag with your little plan Pammy - don't non-believers go to hell? Jeez, imagine eternal damnation sitting next to bloody Vicus (Tom has instant Damascus moment - Praise the Lord!).

  6. You might be reincarnated as a horse.
    You'd like that.

  7. I'd like to put in a request to come back as a swan please.

  8. I will come back as a hummingbird. :) Hope you had a great Christmas and that the new year brings you much comfort and joy... and another trip across the pond.

    PS. Bring Vicus too!

  9. Hi Tom (Shell here)I just stumbled across this blog, I was looking for your horse one. Listened to the George Harrison track and vaguely remembered it from my youf but seems much more relevant now funnily enough. You may remember I mentioned to you whilst I was detangling the dreadlocks in Samantha's mane that I believe in God with a small g. I have a sense that g has "allowed" (for want of a better word)the physical body I know as Shell to encase it/him/her for a while. I hope (and sometimes I trust) that g will prepare me in advance before it/he/she gives notice to quit. If I am present and alert enough, maybe I will get a lesson in the Art of Dying. Part of me even relishes the thought of that adventure (as long as it's not any time soon of course)

  10. Kas - I don't mind being a horse as long as I can have a nice owner.

    Ziggi - Of course you can be a swan!

    MJ - Now listen, I don't mind spending time in hell with you, but one thing, can we do without all the naked men - they really turn me off!

    Kindness - I'll never get through customs if I bring Vicus, and anyway, it wouldn't be fair to the American people.

    Shell - I agree with all you say. Can I add this one thing that I really like. The human body is the place where the finite can meet the infinite. That is the greatest gift.

  11. I'm not taking any risks, I'll make the most of what I've got now just in case I don't end up amongst 72 pneumatic virgins or I come back as a proctologist.

  12. what's a proctologist richard, or shouldn't I ask?

  13. Tom ...... yes that makes sense and the interface is Dying. It has taken me a very long time to realise that I need to be in my body not out of it. Horses helped me realise that - no surprises there then.
    Here's an interesting comment by a woman called Catherine Ponder who happens to be a Christian " you must pray in the body, rather than straining to reach outside of it in prayer .... Only as man is able to pray in the body, causing it to relax and become an instrument of the universal life current, can his prayers have power...."
    Wow I could be in my head thinking about that all day long if I'm not careful!:)

  14. Whatever I say or do I'll be burning in hell; I can take care of all the naked men there, so no worries.

    Then I'll probably be punished to come back as a worm, but at least I won't have to wake up at 6.45am to go to work.

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