Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Responsible Blogging

I have a friend who trains horses. She's not as good as me (or as humble obviously), but she is way more successful in terms of earning a living. So what I have started doing is, when I am in certain situations where I could maybe improve my business, I ask, 'so what would X**** be doing now?' She would be networking furiously with a keen eye on not leaving until she has some more business is in the bag. Then I look at what I am doing, which is nothing, and I think, 'Bollocks, I really can't be arsed'. Then I go home and say such wise/smug things as, 'my work alone should be enough'.

So anyway, that got me thinking about my blog. It's unwisely linked to my website. On the blog I trawl the depths of the human mind, trying to interest people in subjects they don't want to talk about. I try to inspire people to 'get real' about their human existence. Now, what would X**** be doing with this blog. Well, I can tell you. She would be constructing and maintaining the legend that she is. There would be no flies on her - people would believe that yes, at least there is one person in the world who is bloody well perfect.

I recently did a presentation at a large gathering of professional people. It was amazing - they actually had time in the schedule set aside for 'networking'. It was like this huge pit of people all jostling for connections that would further their careers. I'm sorry, and I know that's how the world works and all that, but I just felt it was all a bit gross really. The problem with this system is that what happens then is whoever is the best in the bearpit, then becomes the most successful in business. Now, that can't be right, can it?

In my own naive little world I can't help thinking that we should stand back and objectively look at what people are doing and truly evaluate what is best, and use that.

Anyway, what would X**** be doing with this blogpost - well, one things for sure, she wouldn't press the 'publish post' button on it, I can guarantee that.


  1. Yeah, yeah but I bet she ain't shagged as many women as you.

    From time to time, old courgette, you start to consider the possibility that perhaps the rest of the world is right and you have not quite got it yet. Let me disabuse you of this idea. I have occasion to travel on public transport in London from time to time, and see the results of "networking", "heavily leveraged synergies" and such bollocks as permeates the world of business. You and I (and you more than I) may have many shortcomings and faults, but not fitting in with 21st century values and behaviour is not one of them. We may be labeled as under-achieving cynics who refuse to believe that the 1960's are over, but give me that over the alternative, even if it leaves me with people such as you for friends.
    Bollocks to it all.
    Off now to watch "Celebrity Cake Baking" on the Tosser channel.

  2. Thank you Vicus for your invaluable and much needed perspective and assistance. The older I get the more often I wonder, 'fuck me, maybe I should have given that packing job at CBS my best shot'.

  3. Tom, I have recommended your services and your blog to at least 23 innocent and virtuous young ladies with horse training needs. I know they've read your blog - are you saying that not one has contacted you?

  4. Networking is only a fancy term for meeting people anyways. I would say that your networking is done at clinics- when you're manning desks for Mark or leading your own you're meeting the people who will bring in new business and help build up your reputation within your chosen field. Which, in your case, is much more of a field than most professionals get to have.

    Actually, I think the whole networking thing is trying to artificially create that kind of influential community that in the music business would be called a "scene", where a group of like-minded people manage to catch a moment and maybe gain a little steerage on a wider part of society. I think if you're genuinely good at what you do, maybe you will start to generate that kind of community anyway because like-minded people will be attracted to what you do and help build momentum for that. In that circumstance the question you need to be asking is "how can I make like-minded people aware of what I do?"

  5. Whaat? Am I late to comment on the sex post??? Oh, shame... now that I was going all kinky in my blog!

    Ok, let's talk about responsible blogging then. I totally agree with Glenatron, your networking is done at clinics.

    The 'word of mouth' thing works perfectly when you need to find an excellent professional in any field -just as I presume you are, from your commenters who are in your sector-.

    So don't give that much importance to the blog as a way of making your business better known. Consider it rather as a writer's retreat (just my suggestion).

    I think you did your own marketing -and pretty good this year, as far as I know-.

    And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm late for work and Big Cheese will sack me if I'm not in the office within 30 minutes. ;)

    (*dashes out of the room*)

  6. The dairy industry is a tough sector to work in.

  7. Very tough indeed, Glenatron. It cheeses me off! ;)

  8. Richard - see, once they see the blog they run a mile. I think I have to choose between a successful business or my creative freedom. 23 young ladies eh - looks like the creative freedom has to go.

    Glenatron - in the end, when I read these comments, and I think of all the genuinely great times I have had working in clinics and so on, there is no way I am about to sacrifice that.

    Leni - I was stunned that you didn't comment on my 'sex'post. But you always surprise me. I agree with you Leni, about blogging being a writers retreat - Betty has had some really interesting stuff kicking off about this very same subject. there is quite a strong feeling among the hardcore bloggers, that blogs are for writing without an angle - I kind of agree.

  9. Tom. You could always remove the link to your blog from your website, if you are afraid that people will find out what you are really like.
    I shamelessly flaunt the existence of my blog to whoever is around. But then I am a shameless exhibitionist with little sense of how truly appalling my writing is.

  10. Oh yes, I may comment on your sex post. The reason why I didn't is that I never expected such a hectic activity here (2 posts in just 6 days, WOW!).

    So I hope you'll excuse me for being late (it’s never late for that, right?). Check your previous post and I may leave something there for you. ;)

    *But not now, because I’m rushing to the cheese place again*

  11. Tom, it is your perspective on this kind of nonsense (I network with you and Sarah every time I come for coffee and cake) that reminds me what is real and worthwhile, and has integrity.

    And however great people might be at marketing themselves, the cream will rise to the top eventually. Or someother lame business speak metaphor.

    Right, now I must go back and look at the sex post too...

  12. Sorry to take up so much space here, but can people please stop referring to "the sex post". It conjures up an image that I do not wish to entertain. Thank you.

  13. I wouldn't have you if it hadn't been for that link - I'm pleased, but you may have 2nd or even 22nd thoughts!

  14. Sorry Vicus, but I need to tell Tom that I have commented on the sex post. ((I promise I won't do that again)).

  15. Also, I'm not sure you've concealed your friend's name very well. There just aren't that many names beginning with X.

    I had heard that Xena, Warrior Princess, was quite the one for networking in between kicking ass and having the obligatory slightly cuter sidekick.

  16. ooops

    wouldn't have FOUND you

    is what I was trying to say!

  17. Leni - Now then, this sex post is giving me grief - as the therapists would say, 'spot the metaphor in that.

    Kate - I like networking with you - I thought we were just good friends - how thick am I?

    Ziggi - yep, that makes more sense, and great to think that the dreaded link has served some useful purpose.

    Glenatron - Ah well, I guess Xena knew I was talking about her anyway. But now you've told everyone else too! Jeez, can't you be more careful.

  18. I don't responsibly blog. At all. Ever.

    And I don't network.

    And I don't sleep my way to the top. I would, but the opportunity hasn't ever presented itself.

  19. Well, I found you through Ziggi, Tom, but that won't help me with horses... cuz Thunder and I can't swim that far.

    It seems, nowadays, that it is 'who' you know, not 'what' you know. Which is kinda sad, because some may know tons of good stuff and get no recognition, while the twat that knows very little but is great on presentation and schmoozing, gets everything. Go figure, eh?

    By the way, although I did read it, I did not comment on the sex post. Although I am wondering when part two is coming out...

  20. I don't have a horse so I'm of no use to you whatsoever. Sorry Tommy dear.