Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Football!

In a desperate attempt to up the ratings I am going to resort to football. Sex, drugs and rock and roll just don't seem to make it anymore.
I want to start by saying I haven't supported the English team for years. We have had (and Vicus, I know you have a philosophical dilemma with the word 'we', in relation to sports teams, so I guess you are out of this discussion) a series of mediocre managers without the balls to drop rubbish, high profile players. We have played in a style that is unbelievably dull, unambitious, and shows no sign of actually wanting to win a game by trying to score goals. And I'm sorry, English though I am, I can't support that crap.
So I always end up supporting the most adventurous attacking teams. Holland is always one of them, and Portugal, Spain and this year, even Russia. So in this competition I am down to supporting Spain. I know they weren't that special against Italy, but it's difficult to play against that kind of negative approach. That's why England's games are always so crap - shit football breeds shit football, and it's not pretty or clever.
By the way, when we get a manager who decides it's time to play good attractive attacking football, of course I will support our national team.


  1. I think Turkey have been quite entertaining - well the 2.5 minutes they've been winning have anyway!

  2. I will abide by your decision to exclude me from commenting - it is a great pity because I was just about to write the most perspicacious and wise comment that has ever appeared on the internet.

  3. I always support Spain and they always let me down. So this year, to avoid disappointment, I'm supporting Russia.

    Don't you just know Germany are going to win it?

  4. Tom: I think you can't possibly support Spain and Russia at the same time. At least, not next Thursday.

    Yay! I also support Spain! (Geoff!O ye of little faith!) :)

  5. Go Notre Dame! Oh crap... that is American football. :)

  6. I am sorry that Vicus did not comment. I would like to know if he could go one better than Noam Chomsky, who apparently said that the really significant thing about how much people care about football is that actually it doesn't matter who wins.

    Ziggy, I wrote to you a while back at your email address when you were kind enough to ask about my horse, but the mail came back. Write to me.

    Tom, I corresponded with the woman who runs the site http://globalhorseculture.typepad.com/ and she posted the stuff we wrote about to each other on the internet! Now I'm a pseudo-expert on mountain horses (except there's the wrong century for Charles 2 for some reason). There's a lot of stuff about humans and horses out there, only hers is more scientific and less philosophical than yours.

  7. Hi! Sorry to interrupt, but... we won!

  8. Erica - I would love to hear about your horse but I don't know your email address and I don't seem to be able to access your blog (if you have one?)

    Germany / Spain then Tom - your money still on Spain?

  9. ziggi - I got no blog. Don't really know how I got in here, went through some procedures I've forgotten. Tom kindly invited me to see my horse on his blog so I came and left some messages trying to raise his awareness about his unreconstructed sexism and that was pointless of course and then I got worried I'd blog my life away but I did go on your blog and found an email address - went again and it's not there now anyway your blog is very FUNNY! I think I should not use Tom's space to write to you - sorry Tom - and I am worried someone called S Pam might write to me but my address is ebflegg@gmail.com.

  10. Well, I have to support Spain for several reasons. Firstly they play the most exciting one touch football - they remind me of the great Liverpool teams of the 80s/90s. Secondly, I have a little spanish friend who normally doesn't watch football, but she has got caught up in this one, so that is that, I am wit her all the way!

    Erica - you are very welcome to share my blog. In fact if you would like to write a post some time, I am fine with that (as long as it is politically correct, of course).

    Ziggi - The footy is great isn't it. I missed the second half though, when Spain scored the 3 goals - equine drama going on! Frances is a truly nice horse - maybe the best we have ever bred (are you ok with the blue eyes?)

    Vicus - awwww Vicus I miss you!

    Geoff - quick, switch back to Spain.

    Leni - I promise that foever, I will support Spain OK, Happy now?

    KK - Yay, I support Notre Dam too, even though it is one weird game they play.

  11. When I was a kid I used to ride a little paint pony with one wall eye -she was great but a little flighty.
    (mind you that was probably my terrible riding!) The owner said it was because of the blue eye (???). Do 2 blue eyes make you twice as flighty? :)

    I have blue eyes it could account for a lot!

    Viva Espana!

  12. Thanks Ziggy! That's nice! ;)

    Tom: Ok, I'm happy now. I'm not surprised your little Spanish friend has suddenly become a supporter. Everybody's going bananas here.

    Geoff was right: it's been quite a surprise to reach the final. So I don't think it will be a national drama if we lose.

    I hope everybody enjoys a good match tomorrow. May the best one win and I hope it's Spain!

    Oh I support Notre Dame too! ;)

    ((Ok enough soccer. It's terribly hot here -almost 40ÂșC-. I think I'm having my siesta in the fridge today!))

  13. My whole philosophy about enjoying football is rather simple:
    anyf*ckingbody but the ITALIAN DIVING TEAM!

    Nothing is worse than watching those greasy megalomaniacal smary primaf*ckingdonna divers' hurl themselves to the ground every few seconds, writhe in mock agony, and cry out in their best plaintive Carusoesque wail,
    "Mama Mia my ankle sheeza-broka!"

    They should have a veterinanrian run out and put them out of their misery the poor things.

    But wait..he's opened his eyes, he's getting off of the stretcher, he can stand, he can walk, he can run!

    ...anyone but Italy.

  14. Yeah that's very right, Donn but... WE WON!
    I expected the King of Spain would give us the day off or some extra money on account of that, but no! grrrrr.

    I'm late fer work!

  15. Great reasult. Greta to see a really good team win the tournament. May this be an inspiration to England - We are fed up of watching shite!

  16. Spain also make great Paella :)


  17. Yeah, cooked with some chicken in it! You better run! ;)

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