Sunday, July 06, 2008

The best sex I ever had, (and it was with a nun)!

So you don't read my blog when I discuss environmental issues or world peace. But this you are interested in!


  1. 3 best minutes ever, I suppose. (*oops, fell off my chair*).
    What a lazy drone.

  2. No. You are wrong. I am not interested in this either.

  3. Is that how you get a nun pregnant?

    ...and happy birthday!

  4. is it your birthday?

    Hope it is/was good!


    (Was the nun your present?)

  5. Leni - there is more tyo life than sex you know! There's food and there's .....

    Vicus - Ah wise Vicus, beyond the mind, living in infinite wisdom.

    Kindness - Correct, but luckily she was catholic and she used the rhythm method, and for the first time ever, it worked.
    Awww I had one card, from my Mum. No change there then!

    Ziggi - In my dreams!

  6. I always wanted a man to tell me "there's more to life than sex you know"- was just hoping it might be in bed.

    Happy birthday!

  7. Actually, the worst sex I ever had was after downing most of a bottle of Blue Nun.

    There's more to life than discussing environmental issues and world peace you know. What about handbags and shoes?


    (um, I'm only joking)

  8. I'm having nun of this.

  9. Leni - so now I've told you do you believe me?

    Betty - mmmmmmmm sex after a bottle of Blue Nun, you're my kind of gal!

    mj - I don't blame you, that's exactly what I thought when she came after me.

  10. Hm. Soccer and tennis are quite important too. And the tennis guy had a nice butt. (bwahahahaha)

  11. Happy Birthday Tommy dear. I hope it was a wonderful day for you!

  12. Is that where the phrase 'Nun too soon' came from?