Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Busy Busy Busy!

Jeez I'm tired.
I am self-employed and not much good at business. I know, it's a disasterous combination, but I just am totally unable to work for someone else doing some totally irrelevant stuff.
So what I do is, when the work is there, I work. And for some reason, the last few of months the work has been there. And it looks like being that way for a month or two yet.
I have always had this thing that if I am any good the work will come. I never want to hype what I do. I never want people to think I am something I am not. I kind of know me and Sarah are good at what we do, but you never really know do you!
The other thing is the work we do - I have this belief that it depends on a professional attitude. By that I mean the quality of the work has to be the priority, so I kind of never want the purpose of the work to be to make money - the work has to be done because it is the correct thing to do. That must not be compromised.
So anyway, serious shit yeah! And being tired is because we are busy, so something must be right I guess.
Gotta go sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzz 10 hours needed minimum, and only seven left tonight aaaaaagh!


  1. Fabulous attitude..I concur.

    Ten Hours!? I'm lucky to get 5 and a 20 minute power nap after Dinner.
    I am on a quest to NOT sleep away one third of the meager time that I have in the here&now....
    since the dirtnap will last forever...
    unless of course I miraculously make the cut and get to return via one of the many afterlife scenarios that humans have dreamed up over the last Millenia.

    If I come back as a horse I will stomp out a message to you in 'horse code'....
    stomp stomp-stompstompstomp-stomp stomp-stompety stomp.
    "Tom...it's me!
    Let's go for a ride"

  2. Yes, yes, yes, but where's the smut?

  3. Hm... Unfortunately, I am the insomniac kind as well. But I would be unable to work for myself. Once I'm out of the workplace... that's all there is until the next day!


    PS1- So if you need 10 hours to sleep, 8 for work and so on as can be read from your list, I suppose there isn't much time left for the smut, right?

    PS2- Oh! Donn! You mean to reincarnate as a horse?

  4. I really admire you and your outlook (I wish you and Sarah were closer), but a fair proportion of your contemporaries have no such qualms - if you look at SW's site, that's my saddle. And you really would not believe what a 'natural' trainer did to one of my Foresters and charged me an exorbitant fee (pre SW). To say nothing of being sold a mare with sweetitch but never mentioning it.

    caveat emptor as they say.

  5. Excellent to hear that you have been doing such good work that now there is more work and if you keep going that direction there will be no more time for you to keep entertaining us with your excellent writing. So stop. Just kidding.

    Good on you and Sarah!

  6. Donn - hehehe 'miraculously make the cut!'. Good luck on that one!' I'm all for not wasting your life, but I do love my sleep.

    Vicus - where's the smut? Have you visited Kaliyuga Chronicles - there's usually plenty over there.

    Leni - Yes quite right Leni, no time for smut. Got important work to do here. And there you have it in one - the advantage of working for someone else - you can just leave it all behind.

    Ziggi - Trainers are a bit like plumbers - they walk in, look at the pipework and express horror. Not to say you didn't get a bad one - I'm sure there are some.

    KK - Yes, you are quite right - in summer no time for writing....or smut!

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