Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sunday Morning Sermon No.47

And it came to pass that I was sitting at the computer......
So I was thinking about this organic food question right. Now I know there are 7 billion of us little tiny souls on this planet and I am imagining that they all feel fairly similar to me - that is, that my life is pretty important to me. I know some of you guys think something happens after this life, but you can't prove it, so for now all we really know for sure is that we have this one. So on that basis, you really want to make the best of it, yeah.
But it's a tough call isn't it, well I find it tough anyway. Like walking through a minefield in a way - anything can happen anytime. People get pregnant, babies get born, people run off and leave you, people get ill, people die, you get ill, you die. Sounds like a real bunch of fun doesn't it. So how come we can have a laugh with all this shit going down - but somehow thank god we can.
So what the fuck has this got to do with organic food - fuck all really, that post just stirred up a whole load of serious shit in me and sorry guys, it has to come out somewhere. Can't risk dumping it on the mrs - she thinks I'm dull enough already.
So how to make the best of your life - that is the question. Yes, and here is the answer ok, and it is yours for free. How do I know this is true? It is, right, accept it. I have thought about it a lot and I have tried it out and it is definitely true ok. Does it work no matter what? Yes it does, but it ain't always so easy so you have to practise it.
So here it is - are you concentrating?
Be Here Now (or you'll miss it).


  1. Yes, but be where? Here, or there, Where you are?

    Clarity, Tom, in all things. Otherwise I couldn't agree more. I'm just rambling to fill up space, and because I'm totally absorbed in the nowness of destroying my keyboard with heavy-handed typing.

    PING. There goes the letter R again...

  2. Tom 909, I have a motto that's very similar to yours:

    Be Hairy Now (or otherwise you'll regret it).

    You just haven't lived until a female has picked the nits out of your fur.

  3. It's all to do with late '60's yogic thingumy, isn't it? In one way, I like to be here now because I tend to live for the moment. If I start thinking about the past or future too much I end up waking up at four in the morning worrying.

    Gorilla Bananas - what makes you think that Tom hasn't had the nits picked out of his hair by a woman?

  4. eh? do i have to come to your house? or can i get my own "here"?

    i am clearly Very Tired.

  5. Tommy dearest, I think I'd much rather take your here, than mine right now. I've had it up to here with my here. I'd like to be there. Or somewhere not here.

  6. So very true, Tom, old chap :-)

  7. Tom, what I said, all those years ago, was "be her now". Come to terms with your feminine side. You will feel much better.

  8. I bought organic carrots at the weekend - is that close enough to here?

  9. "...and the present's a gift, that's why they call it a present mate! Now over to Sally for a traffic update on the Exeter by-pass...."

  10. when i first read your post i was there then. but i am happy to report that i am here now.

  11. Well, I'm thrilled by the response to this post. I was half expecting someone to come on and call me a self-righteous twat, which of course I would have had a hard time disproving.

    Mark - I mean here, on Dartmoor of course - where else?

    Gorilla bananas - Thank you so much for visiting my blog and yes, you are so so near the truth of all life with 'Be Hairy Now'. How have I been getting it so wrong for so long.

    Betty - Yes, it's the four in the morning scenario that drives me on too. And yet again you are so right about the woman and the nits - what an absolute turn-on that was!

    Surly - Yes sadly for you, you do have to come here. I believe you can get a National Express to Newton Abbot quite cheaply, but from there the rest of the journey will be a nightmare. I believe you can also acheive liberation in Solihull - is that any nearer?

    Pammy - I need to have serious words with you about here, there, and everywhere, and then, now and when. Oh my, it was all so simple a minute ago.

    Sharon J - yes.

    Vicus - I thought we agreed we would never disclose this information - it was good fun though wasn't it.

    mj - exactly babe.

    Ziggi - at least your trying, which is half the job done. I'd like to say that OG carrots alone would bring you peace and happiness, but sadly you may need to need to search a little deeper.

    Murph - nice one my friend - the present is a indeed a present and yes, about the Exeter bypass - are you familiar with it, as I am definitely up for an in-depth discussion, if you are.

    Kindness - so you were there then yeah, and now your here now - sounds cool to me, or are you gone, or maybe not, oh my.

  12. I think it's less about what path you've taken through the minefield and more about what you're aware of in the world, and your attitude. I don't need a better job or family or even friends than I already have, I'm 100% satisfied, I think you have to enjoy the struggle, accept that you can never accept any situation you're in permanently. Bills will appear, your house will fall apart, people will die and stuff will happen - you will make mistakes. The only thing that's REALLY in our control is not that minefield path, but what we're looking at and thinking about and how we basically feel during our walk, innit.

    (well this is unexpected, my mum just wanted me to go on your website and find your address to send you a letter cause she likes your horse book..)

  13. Dartmoor, Tom? DARTmoor?

    Round here, we consider that fighting talk. Bodmin Moor is, of course, the only valid reality.

    You can also get a better pint there. Blisland Inn, Blisland, if you're passing.

    Oh god, I live in Hertfordshire. And I belong in Cornwall. What's a poor boy to do...?

  14. Ok, I am officially not concentrating.

    But dang it iffin I don't want my prize from the last go round!

  15. My own is Follow Your Bliss. If my bliss takes me there I'll be along presently.

  16. Yeah. Give Awaiting her prize.

  17. Tommy my love, write something sweet and endearing would you? I'm in the mood for sweet and endearing right now.

  18. I just wanted to add "Don't ever be in Dollywood, EVER." Thank you, Tom, for the wise words, unclear or not.