Thursday, January 25, 2007

Happy Fairies Part Two

Quote of the day supplied by my good friend Wolf in Second Life.

Opinions are like arseholes - everyone's got one.

I have lived my life thinking about this kind of stuff and it fascinates me. Sorry everyone but I could go on and on talking about it, and as it's my blog so I'm going to.
I take your point Kropotkin, and also Richard. But how about this for an idea, and actually it is pretty much what I believe. This world ain't never going to be perfect - that's it's nature. We can strive to improve it, and I'm not saying we shouldn't, but the fact is people will always want what they can't have, people will always get something they want then decide they want some thing else, or they will lose it or it will change. Know what I mean. Or some twat comes along and takes it from you, or there is some accident and it gets buggered up or destroyed. Just trying to cover all the options here, but you get the drift what I'm saying.
And I know it's like this cos I'm like it too. Get one woman and want another, get a field and want the one next to it, it's just man's nature. So, that's why I'm into inner peace, cos peace, real peace, just doesn't fucking exist out there. You get the odd good day for sure, but it won't be long before your mind comes knocking at the door telling you something ain't quite right.
But yes, I agree, it should be as good as we can get it. No-one should be starving and no-one should be fighting wars. We should be able to do better than that. And that's why I'm going into politics/dissappearing up my own arsehole (delete which doesn't apply) - yeah, both of them.


  1. *sets stopwatch to see how quickly the first reader leaves a comment saying that they're surprised to find out that Tom has got two arseholes*

    Oops ...

  2. *considers the benefits of having an extra arsehole*

    Do you use it to store spare change?

  3. Don't worry about the number of arseholes he has, it is the number of opinions that will be his downfall.

  4. Tommy dear, you raise an issue that I'd never pondered before, that of my British cousins being anatomically different from the rest of us.

    So is it true that you are the primary cause of global warming?

  5. once again, i agree completely.

    i refuse to picture the two arseholes vignette, however.
    lalalala, oh, lalalala, i cant see it, i cant see it, alalal, wooooo, wooooooo, woo eeee woooo, i cant

    yes i can.

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  7. See one field and want another one?

    Wow. I'd be happy with half a one, son.

    You're going into politics? How do I vote for you? Want a speechwriter?

    (I have a feeling I may regret this comment...)

  8. I guess we'll all end up with two arseholes - shitting and talking out of the same orifice is bound to lead to it. It's not like evolution ever stops.

  9. Aiming for a perfect world really is the pursuit of arseholes, uber-arseholes! Murderous, frenzied uber-arseholes. Aiming for a better world on the other hand is, for me at least, part-and-parcel of scratching around for inner peace. My problems start with my belief that people can improve this place and that we can use reason to do it. Unfortunately it's a belief I am not ready to abandon in order just to weed my own patch.... that btw is not a euphemism.