Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A daily dose of Virtual Sex

Just checking to see if anyone is out there. Mind you these days virtual and real are all blending into one aren't they. Did anyone ever ask you, when you were tripping, 'where does the earth end and the sky begin?' God that was a tough one - spun me right out.

And I just have to use this small area of cyberspace to register my utter dissappointment that Jack didn't win Big Brother. How pathetic that the British public yet again got well and truly duped by the media and put everything right by voting Miss Perfect Shilpa as the winner. Don't get me wrong, she's a nice bird, I'd give her one, but how lame to have a whole series from start to finish basically orchestrated by the redtops.

I was getting quite enthusiastic about the way we were using our democratic rights to confound these tv shows. I mean when we voted for that fat bird to win that singing competition, now that was good. And for a while it did start to look like we were cottoning on that it is actually more fun to go against the programme makers and the tabloids, but sadly we're right back in there now. Go on you fuckers, tell us who you want to win and we'll all trot out there and vote for them. Yuk!


  1. Shame it's too late for Jack to marry Chantelle.

  2. confused.

  3. I wasn't organised by anyone. I didn't vote; indeed I didn't even watch it. Whatever it is you're talking about. Is that OK?

  4. quite a catching headline there... ;-)

  5. I wish I was tripping, man.

  6. Oh well, second time of TRYING to comment because fucking Beta Blogger lost my fucking comment.

    Excuse my French. Very unladylike.

    ANYWAY ...

    I can see what you mean about Shilpa being Little Miss Perfect. However, a lot of people probably didn't watch much of CBB this year because the "celebrities" were so deadly dull, then they voted for Shilpa on principle because they don't like bullies. Not a bad reason to cast your vote, is it?

    Besides, if Jack had won, that would be the third year in a row that somebody who is, ahem, "mentally challenged" emerged as a victor. Why should stupid people keep on getting the rewards?

  7. I'm with Dave on this one. Other than to congratulate you on your efforts to combat male chauvinism. I will incorporate the phrases "that fat bird" and "I'd give her one" into my everyday usage from this point on.