Monday, January 01, 2007

2007 here we go wheeeee!

OK, I'll start off my new year's blogging with my new years resolution, and NO, it is not to shag as many women as possible - that didn't even cross my mind. Anyway, I couldn't put that on my blog could I, I am happily married and my wife reads my blog so that would be akin to suicide, and anyway I'm too old for that, and it would all get horrendously complicated, and I can't be bothered. No, my resolution this year is to ride my horse as much as possible and work my arse off. Yes I have decided that I am going to give one more year of my life (should it be granted in full by the almighty) to working with horses as much as possible.
See, the problem I have is that I am a lazy git, and I just find it so easy to sit here on the computer, or sit and chat to the Mrs, or chat to friends, or just sit and drink tea and coffee, or go out and have lunch in my favourite little cafe, or even just sit and watch telly. And before you know it I have a full life, or maybe a better description would be a life full. None of these things earns me any money, and all of them help me dissappear off the radar of this world.
So just one more time, one more gargantuan effort to sell myself and my skills to this world. Remodel my website, shedule a load of clinics, keep my eyes open for deals to make money on, keep my eyes open for horses to make me look good.
Aw Shucks, I really can't be bothered, or can I. This is going to be a tough one to keep - no, fuck it, I can't do it. Fancy going out for a coffee darling.


  1. Happy New Year! And unfortunately I am too drunk to comment any further!

  2. If you're not going to ride every day, will you at least please wear your riding boots. I like to start the year with positive mental images

    Happy New Year, Tom x

  3. Reconsider the shagging resolution so we can read more lines like "Sweet Baby Jesus!" Now that Betty has bestowed the Mr. Loverman Award upon you, you have a duty to live up to it.

  4. Tom. Your resolve appears to have lasted a record 1 hour and 31 minutes. Well done!
    I am reminded of the motto of our alma mater "Forget it, and have a wank."

  5. Would you please bring back a Caffe Latte, whole milk and lots of sugar......... you will?

    Sweet sweet sweet baby jesus!

    Happy New Year, Tom and Mrs. Tom!

  6. Happy New Year Tom. Completely with you on resolving to continue being a lazy git.

    In honour of this, and because I'm feeling as rough as a badger's *rse, I'm going back to sleep until 2008. Oh yeah, and mine's a Lemsip.

  7. well, i know nothing about you except i like what you say on cherrypie's blog so here i am visiting your blog---and i like what you say yet again!

    i may be a kindred soul....except sometimes $$$ demands more of me than i ##@& wish.

    i advise you to ride the horse in the direction she's going.

  8. KJ, welcome and thank you for commenting. Glad you like what I'm saying - I will endeavour to maintain some degree of quality throughout the coming year, but you know how it is, 'sometimes the mews deserts one darling!'

    Dearest Betty, it fills me with hope that I can always rely on you to be clear in your aims and aspirations, and that they are, if anything, very slightly lower than mine.

    Dave, HNY to you too old chap. May all your sermons be the best for the coming year, and all your congregations be inspired to live their lives with love in their hearts.

    Kindness, I know you are an Irish American catholic gal - sweet baby jesus, come on now, I can almost hear you saying it.

    Vicus, the only mistake I made that you didn't, was making the resolution in the first place. Fear not, now it is history I am yet again back to what I do best, sweet fuck all.

    mj, I will do my best babe, but I can only write from experience, and I'm getting older all the time. Let's get real, I ain't gonna get a line like that again.

    Cherrypie, photo in the post, you dirty gal.

    Sweet Awaiting, if you have sobered up enough to read this, Happy New Year, and I can't get your blog up properly on my screen, or at least I couldn't yesterday.

  9. Yeah, I messed it up. Its working now!


  10. seconding cherrypie.
    wear the boots.
    just the boots.

    thank you.

  11. Happy New Year Tom.
    What are you doing here reading your comments? Get out on that horse you lazy git!

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