Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Tom909s guide to Bossy Women

Dontcha just love em!
So here are my top four rules of how to deal with bossy women. And just remember, I am a man of some experience in this area - right now I have my wife Sarah, my SL girlfriend Rosie, and Pammie, plus my two daughters all going at me.
Hopefully these rules will be of use to all you guys who, like me, just roll over far too easily when a pretty lady comes up to you and, oh so sweetly, tells you what to do.
Rule number one, which is an absolute must, for god's sake never ever let it get to the list stage. Once you have a list I'm not sure there is any way back. It is a very basic fact of life that there is no end to a list of jobs, so don't even try.
Rule number two, and this is also very important, hand over all power on any decisions that make no difference - with some women just this simple act alone is enough to fulfil all their bossy needs.
Rule number three, if things start to get bad and you start to get really serious instructions to do difficult stuff, one very important tactic that can be very effective, is to just say yes, promise some imminent action but kind of not do a lot. This is by far a better approach than going in for a confrontation that you will almost certainly lose.
Rule number four, always be real generous with the love you give to your lady. This can deflect so much hassle, and they like this so much they often forget how good you are at doing all those little annoying jobs around the place.


  1. Bossy? I've been called Bossy??

    I agree with most of what you said, but you need to pour on more sugar sweetie. A lot more sugar.

  2. that looks suspiciously like a list to me . . .

  3. Anonymous1/11/06 14:08

    Tom will be back as soon as Mrs Tom allows him to resume.

  4. Boss vicus around, tom. He seems in need of some direction.

  5. Anonymous1/11/06 22:41

    Pamela, women have tried that. Men have tried it. You may as well try to alter the orbit of the earth around the sun. I am freedom. Beings such as I do not follow the dictates of ordinary people.

    Tom will be back soon - just another 17 jobs on his list.

  6. Oh Vicus, how can you be so right. I just have to go set the breakfast, make the fire, andfed the cat, and then, if nothing else crops up I may be able to spend a few seconds looking at my blog.
    And Pammy, I wouldn't worry about the crap Vicus talks - the only reason he doesn't get jobs to do is his total incompetence and his over generous, and far too kind, wife
    And Ziggi, it is a list and will I be seeing you next week.

  7. I don't know will I? Where? I will be too shy and overwhelmed to talk to you in person!

  8. Very helpful advice, Tom. I rather like 'kind of not do a lot'. That'll fool 'em every time.

  9. Ziggi, stop talking bollocks. Are you going to see Mark Rashid at Hurstbourne next week. Make a date - I'll treat you to a coffee and a muffin.
    Mark - thanks for your support. I been feeling a bit exposed on this topic so nice to know there is a bloke out there who can relate to what I'm on about.

  10. So you're saying it's vicus that does the bossing?

    and you get to meet Ziggi? how cool is that? I'm insanely jealous now.

  11. Pammy, not sure Vicus does bossing - he mainly sits on his arse, at his computer, or watching telly, or eating the beautiful food that his wife cooks for him. he moves approximately 20 metres per day between these three seats.
    And if and when I ever get to the States, I utterly promise you, I will invite you out for coffee and doughnuts minimum.

  12. Anonymous2/11/06 11:27

    And Pamela, you would probably have to pay for them.
    I'm trying to cut down on the 20 metres - such a waste of resource.
    I don't need to boss. Mrs S is accustomed to taking care of me.

  13. tom and vicus, how is it that you two free spirits, lovers of herbal remedies and former-hippies ever bought into that whole marriage thing anyway?

    I thought it was all about free love?

    tommy, I'd love to go for a poppy seed muffin with you!

  14. Ahhhh, I must confess...I am a bossy woman.

    Its MY way or no way...and no way carries some very dire consequences!

  15. here here, awaiting! my way or the highway, baby.
    of course my husband ignores it.

  16. Truly bossy women let you think you can get away with 'kind of not doing a lot' when it really isn't that important.

    I'm guessing there are things that even Vicus knows are NOT negotiable.

  17. not really bossing tho is it? more like guiding and then if that doesn't work killing

  18. God, I have to go into therapy - I'm just falling in love with far too many women. I thought it would get easier as I got older, but its getting worse. Just even the tiniest glimpse of sweetness and I'm a gonna.
    All you beautiful bossy babes - you'll never outsmart men but I just love you all for trying.

  19. and Pammy, about why I got married.
    it's so much easier to be ball and chained babe. Love my baby and see other women and I just dont go there (St Tom909).

  20. Such a shame you must worry about this sort of thing and I get off scot free considering I don't generally need to be bossed around and/or directed in any kind of way. =D

    Yes, I only posted this to tease you.

    From your friend,

  21. Wolf Honey,

    Didn't I ask you two weeks ago to go up into the attic to check and see if we got possums up there??? :::tapping foot, hands on hips:::

    In reality folks, I used to be the my way or highway type but then I got sick of the fricking highway...I'm very easy-going now, but I dont cook. I just don't.

  22. Carmy, that's ok. I can cook for both of us. I love to cook!

    Tommy, you and the women you collect. It's a good thing I'm not the jealous type.


  23. Anonymous4/9/09 09:07

    Next Rule, convert to Islam and beat them with a stick LOL

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