Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Missing Photo - at last!

Sorry guys, but surely you didn't think those tiny bollocks were mine.


  1. I'm a bit worried about you all wearing lab coats!

  2. Going by the previous post, and the fact that the sheep are faced away from the judges, I can only assume that the rosettes were being awarded for Best Sac In Show.

    Which is why I can't understand that your sheep didn't get first place. In fact, the winner must be really freakish - like that character in Viz with the unfeasibly large testicles that he used to carry around in a wheel barrow.

  3. So you're dyeing their wool purple before you shear them to save time? :)

  4. Great picture of you!

  5. I remember once when I was about 7, my class took a field trip to a farm. Aside from making us view a cow with a hole in his stomach, they asked which one of us wanted to stick our hand up a sheep's rear. I never did understand the importance or lesson of that trip.

  6. I've got a very similar picture of me and my chums smiling at the camera showing off our cocks.

    Mine didn't win, either.

  7. I knew it. That peroxide dwarf standing next to you is Vicus as sure as I am a Letter-Day Abstaint. Tell me he didn't beat you or I'll vent all my pent-up frustration on the judges.

  8. The winner has to be that guy at the front. How confident is he? Not only does he have a prize sheep but a puppet shut-eye-shepherd complete with his own mini-me sheep to boot.

  9. Tommy m'dear. More pictures!

  10. Tom what is Mark (Mark who?)doing in Wilts and where and when please?

  11. that is a fantastic picture! straight out of Herriot.
    those have to be the CLEANEST sheep i have ever seen.

  12. Eh?

    When was I in Wilts?

    I'm confused now. And I can't work out which one is Tom either.

    (Feeling a need for many martinis coming on...)

  13. Ziggi - labcoats! They are our showing coats.

    Betty - Best sac in show! Devon is in England, not Wales.

    MJ - whatever makes money, we'll do it.

    Pammy - I am more handsome in real life, I promise.

    Awaiting - Now then, this is all about broadening the mind, and one thing is for sure, it's worked for you.

    Farmer Giles - I have been to your blog and made my feelings about your cock perfectly clear.

    Cherrypie - You have an eye for the winner, you are correct.

    Pammy - more pics on way, but like I say, if you really want to see my true stunningness, then it has to be real life.

    Ziggi - Mark Rashid, google him. He is the trainer I kind of base most of the work I do with horses on.

    FN - thank you, at last someone not trying to be coarse and vulgar for a cheap laugh.

    Mark - no idea when you were last in Wilts. Give me a clue.

  14. Tommy dearheart, your 'true stunningness' comes through in your words. What do looks matter?

    Ok, a little they matter.

  15. my darling i can positively assure you with no doubts whatsoever, that is the FIRST time anyone has EVER said that about me.