Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Helpful Twats

So don't try and tell me there is anything more important in this life than love. I had a blazing row on SL with this arrogant little shit who said I was a waste of space because I had no goals for my future. Little fucker, I nearly punched his lights out except I didn't know which keys to press.
And on top of all that the girl I was talking to flounced off too, saying it is a sin to not have goals. What the hell is that all about - is it some American thing or what!
Anyway, it got me thinking - that's what I do when I'm angry. And I do have a goal, and do you know what it is. I try to be a nice bloke NOW, and that is it.
And now I'm going to tell you what that little shit said that he is doing that is so great. He is planning to make something which will help mankind. And he is planning to make sure that when he dies he doesn't look back on his life and think it has been as insignificant as most people's lives that come on to the planet. And he wants people to know who he is and about the contribution he has made. Little twat - I haven't spat blood like that in years.
If you look at all the problems in this world they pretty much all come from twats like that. Quit trying to help me thank you very much, and if you must try and help me, then please, stop what you are doing with your crazy mind and start to feel that love in your heart. That my friend is the help this world needs.
Uuugghh - breath now.


  1. The little twat and the girl - are they planning to work towards their goals in Second Life? Or in real life?

  2. Anonymous19/9/06 04:27

    Second Life and first sound more and more alike everytime you post about it!
    Being nice is a rare and crucial aim. Being modest is good too! Being a twat is easy - I can do that with my eyes shut.

  3. [hold on a sec while I gently ease my foot out of your rear orifice - there, that's better!].

    What's SL?

    Agree with Cherry. 'Tis very easy to be a twat (we've all been one, haven't we?) but very difficult to be a decent human being, especially when surrounded by self-righteous twats who could do with having their bollocks slapped between two concrete blocks {notice how I made sure this could only relate to men? Women are never twats - we just bear them}.

  4. Love and peace, man.

  5. Anonymous20/9/06 03:02

    For several days blogger has prevented me from posting on blogs where anonymous comments have been disallowed. I have therefore stood by and watched you engulf yourself in Maya and mire and been entirely unable to help.
    Tom, you have scarcely enough love to last you more than a few hours in this life. You are obviously spreading this meagre resource entirely too thinly by trying to embrace another existence.
    Think happy thoughts old boy. Remember all of your friends here. That will give you a sunny disposition, although, to be blunt, some of the other buggers are a bit dubious.

  6. i agree with you 100%.
    that having been said, SL sounds just as aggravating as this one. you play it why?

  7. Mark - In SL and RL both I think. I've made up with the girl now, I think it must have been her day in the month (hey, that's a good topic for a post).

    Cherry - RL and SL are the same, but SL happens faster because you dont have to be quite so careful. You can get in a mess much quicker but you're only pixels, so it doesn't matter quite so much.

    Sharon - Google SL. And that's a good line about woman but are you totally sure that's true.

    Richard and Dave - Love and peace to you too.

    Vicus - you know as well as I do that love is infinite. It's just sometimes stupid twats come along and get me so wound up I forget all about it. Nice to get a comment from you anyway.

    First Nations - Thanks for that. You're an Indian right! I've met two in SL so far - I know there just humans too but I think because of all the movies from when I was a kid I hold them in some kind of awe.

  8. being a good person is hard enough without a stupid plan (or targets as we now have to have at work! aaarrgghhh) - when I manage the good bit I'll move on to saving the world next :)

  9. Tommy, You are a sweet, gentle soul and that is much more important and meaningful than having "goals" and feeling unduly important to yourself.

    Are you still walking around in a cowboy outfit? Say hi to Wolf for me. Also, why don't you play something more fun, like shooting aliens or something???

  10. I looked at that SL thing. I have too much to do here in the real world to even consider making a SL for myself where I'd have to keep track of people and a job and good grief.

    and why are all the comment thingies in german now??

  11. yuck, that's rough. what a fool.

  12. although you rightfully hold me in awe, it should not be because of my 'native' status but rather my irresistable charisma and the inargueable RIGHTNESS of everything i stand for.

    and my world-class knockers.

  13. Oh no, I'm falling in love again! - God, how many woman is that now.

  14. Apologies for being late to the party. My associate the Greek Genius told me that 'goals' are a bad idea, as they usually lead to disappointment and a sense of failure. My advice; learn the buttons for punching, and then tell him that he can just fuck off. Who is so sad that they have a virtual life just to tell people that they aspire to change the world?