Sunday, September 03, 2006

Full on sex in Second Life!

On a 14" screen your avatar in SL is between two and four inches tall. You can design how he/she looks, how tall you want to be, how muscly, or how beautiful or ugly. You can select your own wardrobe, and if you like you can go out and buy designer clothes for yourself. You can also choose to be a non-human if you prefer.

As you can see by the photo I still live in the woods. I spend a lot of time here but quite a few people pass by so I have a reasonably busy social life. My main friend is still Wolf who hangs out here quite a bit too. Surprise surprise, it's not that much different to Real Life really - there are a whole bunch of people who are basically hanging out for relationships and sex. So I realised this quite early on (I'm perceptive me) and, being a bit of a 'Holy Jo', actually thought about pulling the plug on the whole thing. But I've hung in there and actually met some really cool people.

Anyway, as time has gone by I've worked out how this sex thing works - it is actually unbelievable, but the longer you hang out here it just kind of becomes normal. Scary huh! When you arrive in SL you have a one-dimensional skin and everyone can see that you are a newbie. After a while I went and bought a new skin because I could tell it was holding things up with the people I was meeting. While I was in the shop I clocked that you could also buy male genitalia. I got the very same with my new skin but not one that works. For extra money you can buy yourself, for want of a better word, a male member that actually works. They didn't tell everyone about that in The Observer article did they.

Even more bizarre, you get a control panel to drive it, and you can set it up to perform to your requirements. You can also set it up to be controlled by your partner.

So how does the actual mechanics of SL sex work - is anyone still reading this? Well, I went with one of my friends - by the way, she bought me this cowboy suit, it's cool isn't it - to a dance and I've managed to suss the whole thing out. In SL there are areas where you can find little coloured blobs, and if you activate them your avatar does what the blobs are programmed to do. So to dance with my friend I had to activate a blue blob and she activated a red blob, and then we were programmed to dance together. We moved from different dance to different dance - it was fun. So there you are - that's how it works. I'm presuming that in the same way that you can do different dances by clicking on different blobs, you can also, you know, do different things....

How strange is all that then, and it's all happening on a screen near you. Thank God I'm not some kind of weirdo who gets caught up in that kind of crap!
Love to all.


  1. None of this is happening on a screen near me.

  2. It's just a click away, Richard.

  3. Anonymous4/9/06 05:06

    ond Life sounds too much like First Life. I am always finding myself in blobs!

  4. This sounds like the film Westworld with Yul Brynner. Except you don't have to leave your living room or shave your head.

    If I only had time, as the song goes.

  5. i am a little unnerved....

  6. I have never heard of this.

    You have my interest peeked. :)

  7. Just as long as we don't have to do this blobby stuff in blogging too...

  8. Where do I get a visa? Dancing and sex. All I need is a fair smattering of good restaurants and I might never return.

  9. bit like Twister really

  10. Did Pammy read this post? I am certain that she will be insanely jealous of the woman that gave you the cowboy suit. Actually, I'm a little jealous too.

  11. Wotcha!
    I'm with CP on this (I wish!!), dancing and sex, agree also on the importance of restaurants. Does it do licorice allsorts? Then I'm in heaven.

    I notice from an earlier post that you were feeling a little neglected. Look chap, I get more comments when I don't post anything...

    Love ya, which I why you're one of my first ports of call when I get my arse into gear. Next stop is Pammy, then CP...

  12. Woohoo! I got a Bronze from Krusty x

  13. I'm always insanely jealous when it comes to Tommy....and vicus....and krusty.....and oh just the lot of them.

    I'll take them all! :evil grin:

  14. geoff -yep, all in the comfort of your own home.

    MJ - You do know an awful lot about sex toys. Are you on commission.

    Surly - don't be frightened - come into the crazy world of SL.

    Awaiting - The problem is it is very addictive and the hours can just dissappear. Meet some nice people though, just met another old hippy from the Arizona desert.

    Dave - You'll be ok, just go for it.

    Cherrypie - Yes, I miss the coffee shops, but the thing is computer characters cant do eating and drinking, or at least it is not very satisfying. I've replaced the coffee shop with just sitting and talking.

    Ziggi - yes, the game , not the film.

    Carmy - I was so embarrassed when she gave me the boots. But even me, the great self-proclaimed anti-materialist, has to say, they look good!

    Krusty - You are too kind. I'm with you on Pammy and CP. Good job it's only blogging or I'd be round their houses all day.

    CP - congrats on th bronze, you deserve it.

    Pammy - a pair of boots! no babe, you're worth a million of those. x.

  15. dave, in case you inadvertantly return here, I can't leave comments on your blog. Nice story about childbirth though.

  16. Tommy, why don't you ever visit my blog anymore? If someone else has stolen your attentions away, you should let me know instead of stringing me along.

  17. Pammy, sorry babe, I'm really busy concreting a yard this week and my blogging has got very erratic. Please don't think you are not my number one - I am not some fickle here today, gone tomorrow kind of bloke. I'm in for the long haul and you wont get rid of me that easily. Ask my wife!

  18. I've been in Second Life, briefly. Ziggi pretty much nailed it.

  19. Tommy my love. You've apparently found love online with someone who bought you a cowboy suit. I can't compete with that, now can I?

  20. OHMY I just clicked on a link here and saw some disturbing things.

    note to self....must not click on links...must not....

  21. Not a link from my blog, surely Pammy.

    Mark, I have met some great people in SL. I don't deny the relationship/sex thing is pretty in your face but there's more to it than that. I like the one to one conversations. It's quicker than blogging and a lot less hassle. Obviously the sparkling wit and repartee is not recorded for everyones enjoyment as it is here, especially on my blog as you all know.

  22. Pammy, one day I hope to meet you in SL, and when I do, I promise I will buy you a cowgirl suit (only if you want one, of course).

  23. It was a link someone posted on their comment.

    I've had cowgirl outfits before, boots, skirts, vests, but never a hat. I should probably get hat, although I'm not the hat type.

    I'd much prefer to meet you in this life if I ever make it across the pond. I think it would be fun. One day hubby and I will make the trek and you can show us your country.



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