Monday, September 25, 2006

Friends, moi!

Since I started blogging and SL I haven't watched telly and I haven't read the papers. I very occasionally listen to the radio in the car (which by the way I drive as little as possible to minimise my carbon footprint - yeah I know, I'm an annoying environmentalist geek) but that is often so dull I whack a CD on. I am pretty out of touch with the media but I am still alive and having fun.

What is interesting is the number of friends I have in my three different worlds. And do you know, it's pretty much the same in each. In RL I have my missus who is my no.1 buddy who I share my life with, and then maybe three or four other people who I know I can turn to if I need to, like say if I needed some real big favour, and then maybe I have another dozen people who I am always happy to see and stop and spend some time with, so that's about fifteen people in all.

In Blogland I have Vicus who I always visit because he is my old buddy and when he is on form no-one can touch him (not that you'd want to), and then I have links to 16 more blogs, which is really about all I can cope with. There are a few others like First Nations and Piggy and Tazzy who I do want to link to, so that will make 19 in all - there's just an infinite supply of good blogs isn't there.

In SL I have four very close friends, who when we are online, just meet and chat all the time about pretty much everything. Then I have a bunch of maybe another ten aquaintances that I am really happy to spend my time with too. So that is 14 in total.

So what I am getting to is that my ideal social circle seems to be round about the 15 mark. Any more than that and I just can't give the attention needed to make it work properly. But most of all, to all of you out there who think I am a miserable grumpy old git, look at all the friends I've got - how nice is that!

And I wrote a whole post without swearing once - just for you Pammy!


  1. Well it's all well and good that we're on your VIP list but a real host would have offered us a drink by now. And we're all assuming it's open bar, of course.

  2. I'm impressed Tommy. See? It can be done.

    Now, about that swearing....

  3. Anonymous25/9/06 06:17

    Buggery fuck, Tom, Jesus only had twelve friends. one of whom denied him three times, another (whose name escapes me) didn't believe that he'd come back, and one who totally sold out on him. So I think you are doing very well. For myself, I have fewer friends than that, unless you count all of my pals on Lusty Laotian Ladyboys.
    (You will get so many hits on your site as a result of those three words. I am not going to withdraw them - you were responsible for all of my visiting perverts who come to glimpse Sarah Beeny's tits, little realising that I have never seen any part of her.)

  4. mj - I promise you, should you ever grace these shores, your drink will be on the bar before you know it.

    Pammy - please don't make me choose between you and swearing. I love swearing so much - I dont think I would be me if I couldn't swear, and then you wouldn't love me anyway.

    Vicus - it beggars belief that you missed Sarah Beeny's tits - that, my friend, is almost impossible.
    As for Jesus's friends, look how many he has now, and I bet he wishes most of them would take a hike.

    Sharon - SL = Secondlife. It's an online computer game for those of us who need more than one life to keep us amused.

  5. So, are you not interested in the cricket anymore? I'm loath to drop my opening batsman/bowler, but if you haven't got time for it in your life, I'm sure there are others ready to step into your shoes.

    Vicus for one.

  6. You're a lovely chap and it shows - unless of course you're just really really clever at pulling the wool over peoples' eyes and you will reveal yourself soon as Beast of Bodmin (how exciting)

  7. you go right ahead and linkage me. i have linkaged you. we are linkaged together.
    see how they run like pigs from a gun
    see how they fly
    im crying
    im cryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy-ing
    expert textpert choking smokers
    dont you think the joker laughs at you?
    ha ha ha he he he ho ho ho


  8. well if you're not going to swear or talk about people having sex out of doors, why am I coming here?

    glad you're enjoying your new social circles Tom. its kind of interesting how people can get so worked up on line to eh?

    ( I have to put an 'eh' in there because I haven't checked to see if raincoaster is keeping up with the Canadian content)

  9. *books next flight to Devon*

    *drags FN along with me*

  10. You can tolerate fifteen people?! It would be two or three at the most for me, and then only for a few hours. Bloody human beings. I prefer my own company. Come to think of it, I get a bit fed up of myself some of the time ...

  11. Ditto Betty.

    That's why we make such an unlovely couple and why you should consider yourself unfortunate to have us as friends.

  12. Just adding a hello because I figure you really need about 15 comments to uphold this theory.

  13. I thought Second Life was all in your head. I thought you'd just made it up for the purposes of writing an obscure post. No wonder I didn't comment on it at the time. I didn't understand it.

    I'm not going to google it and try and find it, tempting as it is - I already spend far too long fiddling with a computer as it is