Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Still in Xmas mode!

I do like a nice exclamation mark! Gives the sentence the importance that it deserves don't ya think!
So the end of Xmas is in sight and I will soon be back working like a man possessed. But right now I'm doing the minimum, a bit of mucking out and even that I'm doing with a sort of 'I'll do it properly tomorrow' kind of attitude. Truly if I want to succeed in this life, in a worldly sense that is, then more effort is required. But some things cannot be changed - a lazy sod like me cannot become a dynamic ambitious seeker of fame and fortune just because a new year has begun.
I am keeping an account of how many opportunities I miss to make money this year. So far, and this is just the ones we have spotted, I am down over £200 and we are only four days in. How can I be so crap. Well, I've undercharged on a couple of jobs, I've failed to book in a couple of virtually dead cert jobs, and I've failed to sell at least two things that people definitely wanted to buy off me.
But I have done some good stuff too. I did some good work with Ruby (one of our horses) yesterday, and I've got a couple of emails telling me that things are really going well with a job we did on New Years eve. And last night I cooked a really good Shepherds Pie (vegetarian) - this has now become part of my cooking repertoire bringing the total different dishes I can do to five. I'm thinking about that pie and getting really hungry. See ya.


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