Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Years Day and not a lot on. Plenty to do but I've just got into the swing of being a lazy sod who continually eats crap. Still that's Xmas for you I guess.
I'm going to leave the title the same for a while - no-one ever reads it anyway so it's a bit of an irrelevance - Oh my God, does my blog mirror life itself! Seriously, you know I don't mean that - life is of course a great opportunity, grab it with both hands and enjoy every second.
Happy New Year to any wandering soul that passes by this way.
Love and Peace
PS We went out yesterday on a job. This young girl thought her horse was collapsing on one side. I was so chuffed when we got it all sorted out. I'm not one for making resolutions but it would be really cool to go through a whole year working as professionally as we did yesterday. I get such a buzz from stuff like that.


  1. I trust that the phrase "not a lot on" refers to your not being busy, rather than wandering the moors in a state of quasi-nudity. I find this image strangely upsetting.

  2. Funny, I find it strangely arousing! :grin: