Saturday, January 07, 2006

A saying for every occasion

OK so I got over-excited about my shepherds pie. But now I realise that it is not such a cool idea to have a recipe as the first thing all my visitors see. Also as soon as I get on to the subject of Organics I lose all sense of intellectual and emotional balance. In this state I often carry out irrational verbal attacks on perfectly normal harmless people, like farmers and junk food manufacturers.
I used to work with a guy who always used to say - 'don't discuss religion or politics'.
Here's another good one of his too, 'live in the present but keep one eye on the future'.
He probably had a little saying for every situation that could arise in his life. Mr cliche man or what. I wonder if his house was covered with those awful messages that people put on their walls. Here's one from the wall of a bedroom that I slept in a few weeks ago. 'It is better to do something which you might later regret, rather than choose not to do something and later regret that'. Is that code for 'just go for it'.
I thought about that one for a while - it's the same thing both ways isn't it.
Maybe I'll just put my tofu recipe up - it's probably more interesting than this post.

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  1. Tommy baby, if you get over-excited by shepherd's pie, then perhaps the internet is not the place for you. There are lots of things out there to excite your sensibilities and disturb your equilibrium.
    I am quite happy to guide you in this area, and will suggest those of the websites which you consider visiting are suitable for someone of your tender disposition.
    Perhaps you had a little too much tamari in your pie.