Thursday, February 25, 2010

Know thyself

Forgive me, I sometimes get cross about things that probably shouldn't bother me.

We live in an age of plenty, and it has led us, as a civilisation, to spend a wee bit too much time gazing up our own arseholes. And here's the thing (yuk, I promised I would never say that, ever). When I come across people who are searching through the debris of the human mind, proclaiming that it is in some way leading them to the Holy Grail, it irks me.

When Socrates said, 'Know thyself', I'm damn sure he wasn't talking about spending time mapping out, and trying to find reference points, within the workings of the human mind. I think what he was talking about was getting familiar with that force within us that will go on long after our minds have well and truly disappeared. That is surely our Holy Grail.


  1. Well Tom, all these wise guys probably live on elaborating theories about the human self. In these days we know a lot about nearly nothing, we specialise too much and miss the point quite easily.

    I, myself, don't know where that force is either. If good ol' Socrates was still around, he would have loved to hear your views about it.

    Take care.

    PS.- ((Should I say 'May the Force be with you?' oh no, it's not that Force, sorry)

  2. Leni, Thank you for commenting. I think that maybe the same force - and may it be with you too!

  3. So... nobody found the Holy Grail yet?

  4. Well, Leni, it depends. I think a lot of people think it's some kind of external thing, like a shiny gold chalice or whatever. I've always wondered if it was just a place inside us we could go, where it feels ok.

  5. being content would be a good sort of grail, holy or not, to find methinks.

    Do you really think there's a 'force' inside of us? Isn't it just the electricity that keeps us alive and our synapses snapping?

  6. Oh Ziggi Ziggster, what are these synapses of which you speak, and whence did they come from?
    I'd say this Zig. When you have a baby, what is it that either makes them breathe or not? That's the force, as far as I am concerned.

  7. So...what is one supposed to do? Not analyze things, not think constantly of why did I do-say-react-feel- this way? Not blog about it? (WHAT? NOT BLOG????) You are totally right, Tommy that we live in an age of plenty with relativly good health and enjoy so many advantages, but we are still human so there is still this need to scrutinize? The question mark is not a typo.