Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Today's sermon from Dartmoor

So as global warming kicks in and the resources of the world deplete, the wise amongst us are shoring up our defenses against the marauding masses. Once those supermarket shelves get emptied all those thousands of hungry city folk will be storming into the countryside to fill their empty bellies. It is not going to be pretty!

So here is my advice for all of us country folk. Actually, what I'm gonna do is pretend I'm not in.


  1. Please pretend not to be in if I am ever in your locality.

  2. If you were in, then I could finally catch up with that advice you're offering. I feel strangely cheated, like I just ate a Chinese.

  3. Thanks for the advice, Tom.

    I've already started pretending I was not in (especially at work) but it didn't work (if you'll forgive the repetition).

  4. Vicus - But I like to see you - it makes me realise how lucky I am.
    Mark - is that you! Ah, your name takes me back to the golden era of blogging - you know, about two years ago when we all used to have long lists of readers (or is it just me).
    Leni - I think I might have experienced you 'pretending you are not in' too. It's something professional people become very good at, like 'avoiding catching someone's eye'.

  5. Hm... were you perhaps working at the Dumbass Industries?

  6. Shall I fix you a big batch of poutine?


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