Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The power that keeps us alive, and it's nature

Jeez, I leave my blog for a few months and all my readers piss off - that's what you call loyalty isn't it! What on earth has happened to the great British Bulldog spirit. Well, unless you want to enjoy erudite discussions on the finer points of existence don't bother coming back, that's what I say.

So what is that power that keeps us alive, and what is its nature?

Now go to Spotify and put Alvin Lee's name in and listen to how brilliant he is. Play it loud! But remember, without life you wouldn't be able to enjoy it.

I'm not going to go away (well I might). For sure you don't have to come here, I probably wouldn't bother if I wasn't me. But then if you stay away you would miss this reminder to listen to 'Goin Home', probably Alvin's most famous contribution to existence.


  1. You should be watching Guitar Heroes on BBC4.

  2. It's the same for everyone you know - no comments on blogs anymore because everyone has pissed off to Twitter.

  3. OK, I'm listening and it's great -I'm not saying anything new, I guess-.
    To my shame, I must confess I had to google him... but it's not a bad start for 2010.

    May 2010 be a healthy year, full of peace of mind, love and happiness!

  4. Anonymous2/1/10 08:36

    OOh, well here is my first venture into the world of blogging - or at least, the world of Posting I'm filling in for those who've buggered off to do some Twitter (whatever that is).

  5. Geoff & Ziggi - It was on the other night and the Mrs just said, 'that's got terrible reviews', and switched over. I was speechless.

    Betty - I can't get into Twitter. But hell, I realise I don't deserve any readers - I need to start reading other peoples blogs first.

    Leni - Hello sweet Leni - it feels just like the old days having you back here again xx.

    Anonymous - Thank you for commenting on my blog, although to be honest, you didn't comment on my blog. But let's hope this is the start of a long and profitable blogging experience. And as for what Twitter is - you tell me.

  6. Anonymous4/1/10 10:31

    Tom - No I didn't did I? Something I realised almost as soon as I sent it. I suppose the newness of blogging just blew me away. (By the way it's Kari, but I can't work out how to identify myself!)

  7. My pleasure, Tom. Don't disappear for that long and i'll visit you more often, ;)