Sunday, December 20, 2009

Is there a God?

If God can't handle swearing, then he's not for me.
If God is into religions, then he is not for me.
If God sits in judgement, then he is not for me.
If God says it's wrong to enjoy the pleasures of this life, then he is not for me.
If God makes rules and regulations, then he is not for me.

But if, just if, God is that sweet feeling, that when I feel it, it brings to my life the qualities I most enjoy,
then I'm up for that!


  1. Good to see you're still getting it up.

  2. A lot of people get very caught up on the whole "does god exist" question and forget the much more important "if god exists what is it's nature?"

  3. Also for some reason ( well it will be to do with Chucklevision Noir I guess ) blogspot has started referring to me by my posting name there rather than my more conventional "Glenatron" soubriquet.

  4. He lives! Nice to 'see' you Tommy dear

  5. I'm afraid that the answer to that question can only be answered after it's too late to tell anyone else :)
    Quite clever innit?

  6. Happy Christmas Tom and Sarah, thanks for your good wishes, all good here and getting better!

    Hope you have a really good one, and a great Christmas too,look forward to seeing you both soon!

    Lx x x

  7. A very Merry whatever you do at this time of year Tom.

  8. Tommy, just came to check on you and found this nugget o'gold. This is exactly how I feel.

    Carmy (couldn't figure out the profile thing)