Friday, May 15, 2009

Does nothing matter?

I've always been fascinated by nothing. I like the way it is made of two words, 'no thing'.

Sometimes I try to experience nothing. I actually really like it. But if I am honest, it's not really nothing. What I am talking about is 'no thoughts'. There is still something going on there though - I am still alive. It is a deeply peaceful place.

Maybe when I die, that is truly nothing.

Does nothing exist?


  1. I see you've finally been unable to restrain yourself.

  2. The principal question of Philosophy is:
    Why is there ANYTHING instead of NOTHING?

    When people ask me what I am doing and I say that I am not doing Anything, it usually means that I am doing Something that I want to do.

  3. You might think it's a phillosophical issue, but it's also a linguistic issue.

    I've always found amazingly difficult to tell the difference -in English- between something, anything and nothing in a negative background.

    Live and learn, they -you- say. I never stop learning. It's not that hard in other languages, honest.

  4. Is meditation no thought or deep thought?

  5. Anonymous16/5/09 13:15

    Flâner c'est ne rien faire on peut être très actif ...à ne rien faire , rêver c'est autre chose ...!

    To promenade it is to make nothing we can be very active doing nothing, to dream it is the other thing...!

  6. Leni - something, anything, and nothing!
    Is something a specific but unspecified thing.
    Is anything an unspecific unspecified thing.
    Is nothing what it says it is - zero.
    I'm glad I speak english - I'd never have learnt it later.

    A Hoy - The concept of nothing is a hard one to accept. It doesn't suit the ego.

    Geoff - that's a good question. The fact is that some meditation is on thought, but some tries to go beyond thought.

    Ziggi - Is that a nope to 'does nothing exist?'. So if you take two from two what do you have left?

    Crabbers - Welcome to my blog - sorry it's so crap, lol. Well, compared to yours it is anyway. I vowed never to use a lol when I didn't actually lol, yet another rule broken. .

  7. (*feeling a bit dizzy*)

    Thanks for the lesson, Tom. My confusion comes from the fact that in Spanish we:

    never do anything = never do something = never do nothing, meaning exactly the same thing, always ignoring every form of double negative clauses.

    That would surely drive you nuts.

    We simply,

    sometimes do something, and
    never do anything

    I hope this helps if you ever decide to learn Spanish.

    (*plunges into dizziness again*)

  8. Anonymous17/5/09 17:14

    Tom ,

    This is the light " Leni " who guided me,

    Thank you for the welcome !

  9. Anonymous18/5/09 09:18

    It sounds like nothing is really something!

    Who wrote about being and nothingness? I think it was one of those philosophers I skirted around as best I could. Ah yes, Sartre. Some good ideas, some intolerably dull fiction, a definitive philosophical beret.

    So I guess he knows more about nothingness now than he ever did. Except, if he is experiencing nothingness he doesn't know about it. Either there is thought ( which is all that poor old Rene could ever really prove beyond sceptical analysis, and not strictly useful ) or there is not and consequently no appreciation of the nothing experienced, or not experienced seeing as for an experience to exist there must be something to experience it and that means we're not exploring nothing any more.

    So in answer to your question about whether nothing exists the answer is that it must do at least as an idea, but that by definition it is not the kind of thing you can experience because nothing must be the absence of you as well as the absence of everything else.

  10. Oh man, I feel like the Pied Piper f Hammelin! hahaha (read back pls).

    At any rate, you owe me a nice tip for the marketing -getting readerships through my blog, that is, lol-.

    (*goes back to work, just like every afternoon, SSDD*)