Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The most precious thing there is!

Go on, guess!
OK, I'll give you a clue - without it you will be dead.

I once read a book about Bhuddism. There was one thing in it I particularly liked.
This is just my take on it, not the literal translation.

There are four Graces.
First, having a human body.
Second, wanting to know why you have one.
Third, finding out why you have one.
Fourth, doing it.

And NO, it's not sex!


  1. I still have my thinking cap on (if it's not sex... wtf is it???)

  2. eh...? drinking?

    (or but not so much fun) eating, breathing, sleeping?

    Think I'd be pretty much dead without those.

  3. Oxygen?

    I can't live without tea, but that's probably just me.

  4. Blogging of course.

    Except for Vicus.


    am i right? huh? huh?

  6. BTW...

    Where you been?

    (my word verification was



  7. The answer is 'breathing', although technically it's not just breathing, because you can go on a life support machine that breathes you, but you can still be dead. So it's actually the power that makes you breathe.
    You know those people that believe life and creation is/will soon be explainable by science - well so far, they haven't explained where/how life was created. When I was a kid I used to think about where this all came from? No one ever seemed to get back to the very beginning - 'oh, the universe came from this or that', but where did 'this or that' come from.
    Now I am older I don't bother thinking quite so much about my life.

  8. And there I was going to go along with the "tea" idea as well.

    I mean all this talk of breathing, that's just hot air basically.

  9. Anonymous31/7/08 10:02

    the power that makes you breathe, eh? The Spark in the Dark. That's what I'm meant to be finding out about. Instead here I am cross-eyed from reading endless books on the India-Pakistan partition. Although, I think you can learn a lot about life in histories about death.

  10. Breathing is how you get ZENtered. You need to be aware of the magical qualities of Oxygen.
    Here in the West we SUCK at it!

    I always like to remind my self that our lungs are inverted Gills..since we came from the Sea some entrepeneurial Fish inadvertently discovered how to leave their three dimensional world replete with constant temperature and eventually turned their gills inside-out to recreate a moist environment that allows the transfer of O2. Marvellous!

    If anyone doesn't think that is a miracle then I feel sorry for them.