Friday, January 11, 2008

The Art of Living - part 16

Well the thing is, I do give this a lot of thought, so fair do's I'm gonna write about it. Of course I realise, as my good friend Vicus has pointed out to me on more than one occasion, if you want to get plenty of comments, sex, tits and arses is definitely the way to go. Lists of things sometimes work well too!
But the path of compromise is not for me - I will not shy away from the important fact that we are alive, just to make a successful blog. So here are a few tips I have picked up along the way - try some of them out if you like and see how it goes, but don't blame me if you end up a miserable cynic, alone at your keyboard in a darkened room.

So here is my list.
1) Don't interfere in other peoples lives, and in return expect them not to interfere in yours.
2) Eat good healthy food, preferably organic.
3) Always say nice things to girls - they love it.
4) Try not to worry about money - it comes and goes, and it is not the source of happiness.
5) Live now, if you can.
6) Don't get caught up in all that bollocks about pensions.
7) Mute all adverts and despise famous people who advertise tacky supermarkets.
8) Try not to give a fuck what people think of you.
9) Make feeling good within yourself your priority.
10) Don't take advice from old hippies.

This list was compiled with virtually no thought whatsoever, and comes with no guarantees.


  1. Hi Tom. Thanks for your welcome return to my place. If you want to read something you might be interested in, read my post for the 22nd December. As you will see, you won an award.

  2. Thank you for those tips, Tom. I have embraced them, and have been happily applying them in my life for the last four minutes. You have no idea what a change it has made.

  3. ...or indeed shy away from the important fact that we are alive just to make a successful blog.

  4. I like that list..although, I probably would take advice from old hippies. I mean, what's the harm? :)

  5. awa. I took advice from this man. Admittedly, he was a young hippy then, but see how tragically it worked out for me, and you will see where wisdom lies.

  6. A fascinating and worthy list. The only point I have doubts about is not taking advice from old hippies. One finds wisdom in the strangest places.

  7. Anonymous12/1/08 15:30

    In moments of crippling self-doubt I have taken to calming myself by trying to count exactly how many celebrities advertise for Morrisons. Sometimes I recite their names in a ritualistic chant. Very soothing, but possibly unhealthy...

  8. Dave - understood your latest post, so making some progress.

    Vicus - so glad I can be of help.

    Henry - jeez, I hope blogging is not the purpose of life, or are you referring to my slightly dodgy sentence construction.

    Awa - it's true I did give Vicus advice, but as usual he went ahead and put his own interpretation all over it. And then of course he turns round and blames me for making such a hash of his life. It's people like him that make me want to give up in my quest to help humanity progress towards true fulfillment!

    Gorrillaz - it's quite a well known fact that hippies and gorrillas are very close on the evolutionary scale.

    Fathorse - welcome, and thank you for visiting my blog, and believe me, chanting Morrisons celebrity names is not as unhealthy as eating their food.

  9. Oh my! I've been taking advice from an old hippy for the last month. Is it dangerous?

  10. I take advice from sweet tommy and acerbic vicus all the time....

    wanna know what I do with it after I take it? :)

  11. does the advice about talking to girls work if you are a woman talking to other women?

    does marrying someone count as interfering in their life?

  12. Leni, It is important that you DO take note of Point 10. Old hippies are notorious for giving misleading advice, as indeed young ones were too, in their day!

    Pammy, I am of course well aware that any advice we have given you over the last year or two, is in one ear and out of the other. But you're doing fine, so what the hell!

    Erica, I can't answer your question about girls saying nice things to girls, but it probably does work too. Just don't make it too obvious, whereas from blokes, well, it can be as obvious as you like - girls still love it.
    And no, you can marry someone and not interfere in their life - Ref. The Bhagavad Geeta, Chapter 5, The renunciation of action; and, Rampant Sex by Dr R Sole, Chapter 3, in which Doris gets her oats.

  13. Tom. My question wasn't about girls talking to other girls. In fact it wasn't a question. Doh. Don't you remember that bit of the late sixties?
    I haven't come across the second book you refer to. Is it a critique of the subtext to the relationships portrayed on screen between Doris Day and Rock Hudson?

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