Tuesday, December 11, 2007

So, as in my first life....


So three posts running I went into double figures with my comments, so I'm gonna risk throwing in a post about Second Life. I've been playing the game for well over a year now, and I just wanted to update you on the latest developments.

As some of you may know, last year my avi got engaged to a very nice girl called Rosie. Well one way and another, things didn't work out for us and a few weeks ago we broke up. It wasn't very nice for either of us and as in my first life, I didn't really deal with the break-up too well. Needless to say, I bounced back and moved on to a whole new social scene. I started hanging out with a bunch of writers and before long I met Leni.
Leni's path in SL has been very different to mine - when I first met her she was heavily involved in a role play game called Gor. The game of Gor is derived from the novels of a guy called John Norman, and it is all based around the theme of male domination. So obviously, once I heard about it, off I went to check it out. Sorry to disappoint you everyone, I didn't go and check it out at all. But I might go later OK, for research purposes only and for reasons that I will now explain.

Leni and I are now very busy setting up an alternative newspaper in SL in the style of the alternative papers of the late 60s. I have no idea if it is going to work out or not. But right now we have an office and we are advertising for staff. And all this is happening in a virtual world where none of it actually exists.


  1. yeah, I think I may have a few questions about this...
    I have definately decided I want to be the page three please.
    p.s The Mighty Organ, I ask you!

  2. I know this must be a bad time for you and all, what with the seperation. But as an avid reader of your blog for at least, what, a couple of months, I'd be interested to know whether your SL seperation was a direct result of you guys meeting up on your trip to America. If the virtual emotions are still too fresh then I'll understand. I'll just quiz you about it in a couple of weeks when we meet up and I'm also faced with the depressing reality of it all. Fascinating stuff.

  3. Tommy my love, I told you that you should have come a little further north and all would have been well.

    Sorry to hear about your virtual breakup. Can I write a column for your newspaper? I have a wee bit of experience.

  4. 1) Just a little advice from an ex-slave girl, if you accept it: Gor is a place where i wouldn't recommend you to go. It's not only about male domination, but also about female submission and to be honest, it almost shattered my will. In my opinion, it's an easy way for a Gor guy to get anything he wants -yeah, anything- from a slave girl. Some like it that way.

    2) Abouot virtual breakups ... it's just a part of an avi's life. When you're newly born, that's the exploring age; 2 months and you're getting engaged; 4 months and you wanna build and script. Virtual love can be painful too, avis suffer from some emotional disasters and are also the cause of a few ones too, but it's just the story of their virtual lives...

    3) And last but not least: will you hire that girl for page 3 avi? she sounds perfect and probably looks perfect!

  5. Do you laugh when people tell you to get a life?

    I am glad that cooler heads have prevailed and that you will now be able to stick it to the MAN and take down the Military-Industrial Complex!

    I admit that I find it a tad disturbing that a game about male domination is called Gor. HELLO!

    Hopefully now that Leni is working alongside of you she will see what a real man is like and you can get it on.

  6. Kate, you're hired! but not being funny right, you're avi right, how can I say this, she has to have, ummm what can I say.. um, she has to be, umm you know...

    Henry, the book is written and it is with Lulu as we speak. It should be out by Xmas. You will find all the answers there.
    And by the way, Thanks for your concern, but I am virtually OK now.

    Pammy, I have this idea to do a short column (maybe 250 words) from the real world, but I can't think of what's going on out there of any interest (it mustn't be serious, you know, not about how many people got killed in Iraq last week). I'd love you to give it a shot - the space is yours if you want it. I can send papers out to RL no problem.
    I'll send you the presentation note that we are handing out to prospective virtual staff.

    Leni, she's hired but I still have to check out, uh, how can I put this, the size of uh, phew this is difficult .....

    HE, me get a life! I can hardly cope with the two I have. How I survived that break up I'll never know, it was virtually a miracle.

  7. I have to summon up every trace that I can find of pretend interest to come here to read about your first life.
    I expect that you have managed to make your second life even more dull, but I really don't care.
    I hope that this helps.

  8. Tom-I have waited all my life to have an enormous frontage, I am not going to miss out on this perfect opportunity.

    I have my avi self well visualised don't worry,and I have finally begun to work out how very, very base men really are.

  9. Cubby Quintus???

    Still, good to see that you've taken your own advice by calling your Oz-style magazine The Mighty Organ. The laydeez love a big organ.

  10. No. 10 - here you are double figures

    Merry Christmas

    glad I could help!

    ps I want to know if it's because you met in 'real' life that you broke up too!

  11. Hm, just one thing before my real boss sacks me from my real work ... when are we having Xmas holidays at the Mighty Organ? ((I find it a bit hard to cope with 2 jobs -real+virtual-, I'm not a slave any longer. hahahah))

  12. Vicus, you're in denial and you know you are (sung to the tune of Go West, I think, but defintely to the tune of 'You're shit and you know you are' sung on the terraces of Argyle at every home game).

    Kate, better late than never with the 'men' realization eh, and anyway, most gals like us that way.

    Betty, oh that you were in Second Life - we so need some good writers.

    Ziggi, Actually no, that wasn't the reason, but truly, watch this space, the book will be here shortly.

    Leni, I'm sorry, I just assumed you were a slave and therefore didn't allocate you any holidays. I will amend this oversight immediately and hopefully you will be able to have a couple of days off over Xmas 2008.

  13. tommy love, I never write serious stuff. You should know that by now.

    Unless of course I'm talking to vicus. You know how he gets.

  14. Pammy, if you get any ideas of how you can make that work, let me know. I'm guessing you've never been to SL, but you must have some idea of it from coming here and reading my stuff.
    Anyway, between 100 and 500 words ok. Love you, Cubby

  15. Cuby, it's too bad that Gor Masters still haven't found out that slavery was abolished in the 19th century, but you??? Do I have to talk to the Unions??

    At any rate, thanks for the 2 days!


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