Friday, March 30, 2007

A Long Time Coming

Well you should always live in hope yeah, or at least I guess my Mrs does!
Sorry there has been such a gap between this post and the last post. I guess by now my readership is definitely down to single figures, or a single person more like.
So from 42 ewes that went to the ram, 40 were in lamb. One had a dead lamb, and one had a lamb, but then in a blind hormonal panic, ran into the horse shed and got kicked by my horse, and never got up again. I gave her lamb to my neighbour, Shirley, cos I really couldn't be bothered with bottle rearing it.
We had six sets of twins so we ended up with 45 lambs, and so far they are all doing well.
God, how nice to lie in bed in the morning and not think, 'boy, I really should go check those sheep in case there is one struggling to get a lamb out. By the way, this year I helped in four births, and I reckon maybe in two of those if I hadn't helped the ewes would never have made it.
So yesterday I got on the phone to see if I could sell the two barren ewes for organic mutton, and it turns out that Riverford farm have just started doing a meat box and they want them and they are desperate for organic lamb too. So I told them they could have all my lambs, and that I would up production this year so I could supply them with even more next year. I just think it is so great the way the organic food business is lifting off right now. Despite a government that tells us all sorts of lies about how its no different to any other food, the people know better.
Fuck the government I say. Never in my whole life have I despised politicians the way I do now. What a bunch of lying parasites. Do we really need them, do they serve any useful purpose, and is there any one person in this world that could be a politician and retain his/her integrity (apart from me obviously).


  1. no apologies needed tom! i don't mind checking to see if you have a new post! you make a good point about politicians...

  2. Hello Tommy, nice to see you out and about again. And see? Kindness and I have been here to read already so your readership isn't all gone. I epxect vicus will turn up too.

  3. I'm here, but I'm not reading anything.

  4. and me, I'm here - great news about the lambs - but Tom I have just looked at the Riverford site and there's no lamb on the list - when will it be available for ordering, do you know?

  5. ok - I've found it!

  6. I'm here, but I'm in a sort of blogging hibernation, so I'll just have a glass of water and go back to sleep if you don't mind.

  7. Wow, your all still there! So now I am off to visit all your blogs and hopefully make appropriate comments.

  8. Big kisses Tommy dear

  9. Here's what's worse: this is an (allegedly) socialist government.

    You have an excuse for not posting, Tom, what wiv' da lamz an' all. Glad you're still there...

    Sgdwizzg. Duno what it means but where can I score some, man?

  10. Just popping by for a Real World Ewes Update.

    I've discovered that PFI stands for Politicians Farking Incompetent.

  11. no Murph it doesn't. PFI stands for Fucking Great Con - see you have to match the letters with the words. I suppose you are only a dog so it was a good try.

  12. I'm late but I'm here.

  13. late as in 'the late' are you posting posthumousley?

  14. Politicians are like cockroaches, no one knows what role they play in the universe, and no one wants them around. Nice to read you again, Tommy!

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