Friday, March 09, 2007

Global warming or not?

Oh my, I watched a prog on the telly last night that pretty much left me convinced that global warming due to carbon dioxide is pretty much a myth - and I believed it too. They had graphs to prove that the temperature changes are not in line with CO2 at all, but are totally in line with the warmth coming from the sun. So there you go.

Now for someone who is as green as can be, that leaves me with quite a few issues to think about. Hang on to the 4 x 4, buy the widescreen telly, book three long haul holidays instead of two, cancel the offset carbon emmissions plans, get some decent lightbulbs back in that work with dimmers, re-install the oil central heating, to mention just a few of the jobs I have to do today.

I thought one of the most interesting points made was the way all the lefties/luddites, me included I guess, have jumped on the environmentalism bandwagon in an 'I told you so', kind of way, as proof that capitalism/rampant materialism just does not work. Fuck it, after all this time I have finally realised that the fashion industry is right, and all those programmes about twats building big houses and having holidays in the sun, and telling me it's better somewhere else than where I am, are in fact totally correct. From now on its full steam ahead in the pursuit of wealth for me.
Sod the planet I say!


  1. I think it's just the two of us left Tom.

  2. Just like the old days eh Vicus. Shall we roll another joint?

  3. Don't bogart that joint.

  4. Tom - bugger the planet, my horse bit me - Help!

  5. Tom, does this mean that you're coming to visit me then? ::oh be still my heart:::

  6. oh for heaven's sake are you back?
    now i have to backread. ten more kilowatt hours, five thousand more dead salmon ground up in the hydroelectric turbines...
    so much for my carbon footprint.

  7. Yayyy, sod the planet!!

    What's sod mean?

  8. Oh.

    You're back.

    That's good, then.

  9. I came here from Betty's place expecting Del and Rodney!