Thursday, February 16, 2006

Involuntary and premature blogging

My heart goes out to those of you all too familiar with the unfortunate experience of peaking too soon. Not something that this blog can so far be accused of. Indeed if this is the peak, then I feel I must apologise most unreservedly for this whole wretched creation.
Can I say in my defense, had it not been for my grammar school education and my irrepressible urge to communicate through the written word, then none of this would have happened. The world right now would be a richer and more worthy place. Alas, given the opportunity to write at no cost to me and faced with the prospect of an infinite audience, I was unable to hold on a second longer. I'm sorry!

I just went to a fantastic blog called Vegan Lunchbox. Loads of fantastic recipes and all the kind of food I love to eat. I couldn't believe the profile of the lady who runs it. She was into buying food, cooking, sewing, knitting, home-making, her husband and her child. I wanted to see a photo of her - I desperately needed to know that she is absolutely huge and totally unsexy in every way. I so wanted to know that there is some advantage to having a wife who doesn't give a shit!

Can you believe there is a book called, 'I can't believe that's tofu'. I just might go and put that on my xmas list right now.


  1. Tom, when are you going to learn that the purpose of the internet is not to pursue vegan recipes, dates of famous battles in the Spanish Civil war, or to find your favourite line from Horace, but to produce the sort of irrelevant and dire drivel which you have demonstrated mastery at in such a short time.
    I hate to disappoint you, but the lady to whom you refer is probably a real stunner. I have been vegetarian these 35 years, and have retained my youthful glow, have a full head of vibrant blond hair, am slim and devastingly handsome, and constantly having to fight off the attentions of aroused women and indeed men.
    My ideal woman is beautiful, the best cook in the known universe, waits on me hand and foot, and puts up with all my nonsense. No chance, then.

    wabox - like botox, but using only vegan ingredients.

  2. There's another Vegan Lunchbox blog. It's full of pictures of Carl Lewis in action.

  3. Vicus, I finally come up with a piece of some note and you come on here and describe it as 'irrelevant and dire drivel'. To say I am hurt by your remarks would be somewhat short of the truth.
    On a less serious note, I am requesting a pic. of the tofu queen so that I can put my mind at rest one way or the other once and for all.

  4. The few vegans I've met have been thin, pale, haggard people who insist they are in the best of health, although they get colds all year round. Given that the woman you mentioned seems to spend all her life doing housework, cooking, looking after husband and kids and so on, there's no way that she would be huge. In fact, you'd probably find more meat on a tofu burger.

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