Sunday, March 12, 2006

Links to other sites

Can I apologise most unreservedly for the lack of links to other blogs from this site. I have so far failed miserably to work out how to do it. I will take this opportunity to say that there are several blogs out there that I do visit and enjoy, and would like to link to. Is there some good reason for there not being a button that says 'add link' that then brings a box up to type in the blog you want to link to. That wouldn't be so difficult to organise would it (or have I maybe overlooked it). What the fuck is all this html stuff that I'm supposed to edit - sorry but that's poor in this day and age isn't it!


  1. You don't want to bother, Tom. All that happens is that those people link back to you, and then you get all sorts of riff-raff coming over here and reading your private and intimate thoughts.

  2. Basically...

    Go on to the Blogger Dashboard.


    Scroll down to the LINKS heading.

    Underneath that are the commands for the three links you've already got on your site.

    Copy and paste one of these underneath.

    Delete the URL address and replace it with the URL of the site you want to link to.

    Move across to the name of the site (eg, Edit Me) and delete it, replacing it with the name of the site you want to link to.

    It's best to copy and paste URL addresses if you're doing several links. If you type them all out it might bring on a psychosis.


    Click on the message which then comes up advising you to republish your blog.

    Bob's your uncle/auntie.

    You can wake up now.

  3. You don't seem to have cracked this yet. Do we have to come down there and sort it out for you?

  4. Vicus, I think I can do it but I need to find the time. We're in the middle of lambing - that is something that happens in the country - and I am walking round like a zombie. Writing witty prose for my blog is not something I'm likely to be doing for a few more days yet.
    All that aside, it would be great to see you and Mrs Scurra anytime. The intellectual challenge of your company is something I occasionally look forward to in my less guarded moments.

  5. What do you look for in your more guarded moments?

  6. Pamela, thank you for visiting my blog. Your very direct and incisive question has left me stunned into silence. You see, I am English , so I am naturally careful when it comes to social situations. My guard is always up, mainly to try and avoid forming relationships with nutters that will then come back to haunt me. Ever the conservative I try to avoid mess now rather than spend time cleaning it up later.
    God, I sound sensible don't I. I was once young and carefree etc etc....