Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Spud Update

Well, I've been harvesting, eating and selling the spuds for about six weeks now, and they are pretty good.

The Charlotte and Pentland javelin earlies were superb, and then I was onto the Pink Firs. They are surely one of the tastiest potatoes there is. I have been selling them at the bottom of the lane for £1.25p for 750 gms with no problem at all. Now they are all gone and I am on to the Desiree, and they have been my first real problem. They have common scab. So after a few dodgy moments wondering what to do I decided to sell them cheap at 50p a kilo as 'blemished'. I have a huge yeild so if they do sell I'll still be on for my target. The thing is they are delicious spuds and fine to eat - they just look a bit crap.

I have harvested just about half a row of the five rows I planted so far, and taken about £125 in sales. If I keep that rate of sales up I should easily make the £1000 I planned for.

Next year, unless I see sense, I plan to grow some conservation varieties and do without the Desiree. I think the punters like to try the new and unknown.

I am also planning to grow a small patch of organic spring wheat, buy a small mill and make my own flour. I watched a great vid on youtube by an old guy who was growing wheat on his allotment. He has even built himself a small threshing machine.

I stand by my opinion on small scale organic farming. The future of the planet would be healthier and better for all of us if we could somehow turn our attention back to the land and get involved in growing our own food.


  1. when are you going to start your mail order spud business then?!

  2. The future of the planet would be healthier and better for all of us if we could somehow turn our attention back to the land and get involved in growing our own food.

    Hear hear, Tom.

    I support local organic farmers in my neck of the woods.

  3. Of course, i blame the Beetles for all these fanciful ideas of free love and organic self sufficiency, isn't it about time we all gave our local Tory MP the backing he deserves? and embraced the future of Multi-nationals supplying our every need, with quality produce, whilst we can all sit back and enjoy the fruits of our subsidies?

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