Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just for the record

As life goes by and the time behind me is getting way longer than the time in front of me, I really needed to sit around and not do very much. So that must be why I decided to try and grow a ton of organic spuds on a quarter of acre of land.

I've long been annoyed by the scientists and big business telling us that the only way we will feed everyone is by using high tech solutions like GM and intensive factory farming. It's pretty obvious that those so-called solutions are more about making profits for multi-national companies than feeding people. The truth is that the way to feed the world is to farm the land correctly. And 'correctly' means organically, and using sustainable methods. The energy we need to use to make our fields more productive is human energy, and that is what I want to prove.

Up to now I have used about ten litres of diesel, and spent £40 on seed. I have rotovated the ground and spread 28 tons of year old well rotted horse manure on it. So far I have done 20 hours work. In about four weeks time I will rotovate the ground again and then, hopefully with the help of Hamish (my horse) and a couple of woofers, I will plant the seed.

My plan is to add up the cost of production and sell the spuds at whatever the price comes out at. Yep, that's opposite to the supermarkets, who basically tell you what they are giving you for your crop even if it costs you twice as much to produce it.
Put your order in now!


  1. Small portion of chips please. Just a little sea salt and sea vinegar.

  2. I'll have what he's having :)

  3. yes please I'll have what they're having, thank you

  4. I’d like to recommend a book to you and then order a side of chips with sea salt and malt vinegar.

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