Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Please don't spoil it!

So, in all my years of blogging (four, that is) I've never had a post that no one has commented on. Now I have! And it's a well written, well thought through, bit of writing too - that is of course in my as ever 'humble opinion'. Yes, it's true, I am my biggest fan.
I go to quite a few blogs that never get any comments. And I wonder at the humility of these writers who week after week, keep putting up their thoughts about life and so on, and no-one cares. Do they check their counters to see if anyone even reads their stuff? Maybe they are writing sort of diaries for their families to stay in touch, or for themselves to read back later about what happened in their lives. The more I write of this post the more I admire them. They proudly stand alone displaying their right to exist in the blogosphere regardless of anyone else.
Hats off to the anonymous bloggers - that's what I say (and I hate Facebook).


  1. Comment #1:

    Yesterday, a colleague's mouth dropped open when I told her I don't have a Facebook account.

  2. Comment #2:

    I must admit that I was about to spoil your previous post with my comment, but thought it better: you never comment on my blog, so tit for tat.

    Oh Hai, Mistress!

  3. Comment #3:

    Oh Hai, Leni!

    Thanks for saying what I was thinking re spoiling his previous post AND the fact that he seldom comments on my blog.

    Did someone mention tits?

    That will get his attention.

  4. Comment #4

    Oh Hai again, MJ!

    "Ungrateful fellow blogger" *points at Tom*... so we have this individual in common...

    Tits will get him more comments on this post, to be sure.

  5. And #5

    '0 comments' and mutual blogger commenting is a sensitive point here. And it makes me mad as a cut snake to see how some horrendous blogs get 86 comments, while other good ones get nothing.

    Remember the manual of the good blogger?: "Visit a lot, comment a lot, post a lot, write interesting stuff". And a bit of sex too? Take MJ's advice, she knows!

    It's good to renew the blogroll from time to time. Commenters come and go. It's hard work to retain them.

    PS.- I do have a FB account but it bores me to tears. Sadly, FB is a blogkiller.

    ((You have wasted your comment quota for this year. And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm late fer work))

  6. Comment #sex, er, six:

    That reminds me, Leni.

    I don't think I've ever commented on YOUR blog.

    Why am I wasting my time HERE when I could be engaging with someone who actually visits me?

  7. Comment numero 7:

    Leni: I see Tom has taken the time to comment on Donn's blog.

    What are WE?

    Chopped liver?

    wv: wenis

  8. MJ and Leni - Thank you for your comments, albeit that none of them refer to my post and all of them are about my poor record of commenting on your blogs. Leni, I do comment on your blog (quite often actually), but I do admit MJ, I got a bit tired of looking at wrinkly old men and women's arses and the like. If I want to see that I can look in a mirror or look at my wife (jeez, hope she doesn't read that) hehehehe. It's not true, she's beautiful!
    Anyway, I'll pop over now, to both of you's and comment OK!!!!!

  9. I don't check my counters any more. But I wouldn't be happy with no comments.

    I don't have friends I want to keep in touch with so Facebook is pretty pointless for me.

  10. ((Back from work))

    @ MJ,

    Well, I presume we brought him back to the blogosphere after a long absence and further laziness.

    When you wrote your comment nÂș6 you had never commented on my blog -but now you have, and I really appreciate. More there and in your blog (maybe I'll pluck up courage to stop lurking and take some action)-

    Tom has commented on HE's blog? Good. It's great to have them both back blogging.

    BTW, I must say he worked a lot today: he also commented on my blog. It's a great day!

  11. Tom,

    I really hope you're not upset at our little jokes. Just in case, let's make peace.

    Seriously, you have been missed after a long period of silence/inactivity and it was just our way to let you know. So it HAS something to do with your 0-comment post. Don't become an anonymous blogger (actually, that was the message).

    On a different matter, you may not like the contents, but what I find outstanding about MJ's blog is that she has a number of faithful
    commenters participating very actively, and there's complicity and good vibes among them. I find it remarkable too.

    And as far as I'm concerned, I wouldn't say you often comment on my blog -I'd rather say from time to time-, but I always appreciate it when you do. I even like it when my sitemeter tells me that you visited.

    Take care and keep blogging.

    (Maybe I should go back to my blog and keep quiet for a while...)

  12. Tom: I hope you didn't hit your head on a saggy old testicle on your way onto my blog. Good to have you back, if only for today. Cum again.

    Leni: Why, thank you!

    Tom & Leni: GROUP HUG!

  13. p.s. What was this post about again?

  14. Leni, I promise I am not at all upset by your comments. I appreciate them actually. And I will always read your blog (and comment too).

    MJ, I appreciate your comments too, and although I can't promise to always visit your blog I promise I will cum by from time to time, just to remind me of the sheer beauty of the human body (and mind).

  15. when was the 30th? I expect I was too busy :)
    So Tom would you rather have comments however inane? Or do you expect the high level of introspection and valid insight on the troubled psyche that, as an expert, you can offer but we can't all emulate?

    Yes I am taking the piss and probably flirting too and all the other things that commenters are no longer allowed to do even though it's a free and open forum :)

    Nice shoes by the way

  16. WOW from 0 to 16 comments and flirting too!

  17. Geoff - you are so lucky to not have any friends. And even luckier not to be on Facebook. I wish I had the nerve to cancel my account. The problem is I have got used to snooping into everyone else's business now. But I'm nearly at the point of leaving - a couple more weeks I reckon I'll be ready. Maybe I should join FA.

    Linda - you are quite capable of introspective and valid insight, but I don't see why it can't be combined with flirting.

    Leni - yes, this is rapidly turning in to an extremely successful blog, albeit most of the comments are decidedly 'lower chakra'. Still, beggars can't be choosers.

  18. MJ, I appreciate your comments too, and although I can't promise to always visit your blog I promise I will cum by from time to time, just to remind me of the sheer beauty of the human body (and mind).

    Don't bother coming by today...

    More male arse.

    Speaking of which, you never submitted YOURS.

  19. p.s. I won't be flirting with you as it would make that sex god Vicus insanely jealous.

  20. Don't look down on lower chakras, Tom. Whatever they are. Maybe they're as necessary as the rest of the chakras.

    And as a virtual entity who dreams about becoming a writer, I'm afraid I can't emulate that requested high level of introspection either.

    Now, bedtime for me. But I'll be back (I always comment on your blog, don't I?)

  21. I've decided not to leave a comment on this one, too.


  22. MJ - Thank you for warning me about the male arse situation. Perhaps you would be kind enough to let me know when you feature something more to my taste.

    Leni - I've never thought of the possibility that all the chakras are of equal value, being a bit of a spiritual snob and all! I happen to know that you do do introspection fairly well, but if you don't want to do it, please don't let it stop you from commenting on my blog.

    Richard - yes, good ploy. I'm going to try that sometime too.

  23. Vicus wants me to blog recipes.

    What are your requests?

  24. Hi Tom, thought I would comment on this one, not the next/previous and protect your virginity.
    I tend to use blogger and hook it to facebook notes, not because I like facebook, but because it seems the easiest way to communicate with 90% of the world.
    The thought that the remaining 10% is who I actually want to talk to worries me.

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