Saturday, June 12, 2010

The nature of the universe

Just what is all this bollocks about progress making life easier. Where is the evidence exactly? I'd say the illusion of life is as strong now as it ever was. Science has so far totally failed to reveal the true nature of human happiness, and as far as I can see it is still pedalling the myth that somehow solving the smaller mysteries of life is somehow working towards solving the Big One.

That is so much rubbish. The fact is now, the same as it always was, that human happiness is not related to wealth, education, or power. I've seen loads of people with all or some of those things, who anyone can clearly see are not happy. Not to say that you can't be happy with those things - you obviously can be, but they are not the key.

So what is?

Is it
a) a good shag
b) having half a brain
c) total luck
d) none of the above


  1. a) Is not the key to happiness but the key to temporary happiness.

    b) Could very well be, because in that case you wouldn't need to have a)

    c) a + b could be total luck.

    That leads me to a transcendental question: Does happiness really exist, or will be have to keep enjoying a) b) and c)?

  2. Leni - thank you for your very clear analysis of the human predicament - a brilliant answer and it made me lol a lot.
    As to your question, I do think happiness really exists otherwise we would not be able to experience it. If we can go to it instead of going via the things that we think give it to us, that's the trick. Of course then we have to ask how can we be happy for no reason - and that has to be because happiness is a state of mind, a feeling within us, rather than the result of things going our way in this world.
    Of course this does not mean we can't keep enjoying a) b) and c), but as it has been said since time began, those things all come at a cost.

  3. All of the above?

    Work and love. That's it. The crux of the biscuit. The total answer. And as much of both as you can handle.

  4. Tom, thanks for your back comment. I'm too troubled now (my blog has been momentarily removed but is now back, tho I had the shock of my life). Damned Blogger.